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    About Rosuto Kokoro

    There is no procise deadline that is really just my birthday in a few months this will take a while to animate but i would really like to see if we can get some voice actors interested X3.

    So Rosuto Kokoro would be an animation series (anime), that has much to do with magic, demons, and angels.

    So this is something i have had typed out for a while and there will be alot more editing in the soon future but that should help with a better idea!

    Also please do pardon the fact not all have images yet and those that do are made with the anim creature website trust me i will have other things up very soon with the real images as soon as i am done baby sitting a demon pig not even joking X-X

    Akuma no tamashī Clan:

    Is the clan of a species of demon like creatures that use dark magic and devour humans. They take residence all over the world more in places with great magic and they come in great numbers to devour the flesh, blood, souls, and magical power of living beings, and to do so they have recently developed their own human forms so they can live among their prey.

    The humans forms are still a spell in progress though the generation who created it are almost completely gone the next was born with this trade and must adapt it to perfection. The imperfection of this trait is that an Akuma can not stay in this form to long or it will start developing more and more emotions of which a human has and will become more and more human, which this trait does considerably make these creatures half human and sense then beast tamers have been able to tame them and have them around but more power these creatures hold harder it is to tame. Even when they stay as humans that doesn't destroy their Akuma selves, their Akuma selves will act as the second form usually tied into emotion or near death happenings. This will be similar to a werewolf scenario where the creature would have a hard time of controlling the power he is forcing back because human forms can only let out some of the power. And longer they stay in human form more they lose their Akuma selves and really do become more likes demons.


    The demons are a demonic species of creatures that have been around since the beginning of time and devour humans flesh, blood, souls, and magical power they are like a swarm of demonic creatures like a never ending nest of vampire bats with not enough blood to go around, after medieval times they almost went instant thanks to the great dragon king but they have started back again in modern day, with the churches slayers and angels and their trainees as enemies, though when they made their comeback it was big they devoured an entire city even the royal demon family feasted on humans there and chaos broke out only few survived.This akuma also has several demon forms depending on their rage, usually in a battle they will soon be more similar to a dark dragon in the end.

    Royal Family:

    Is the royal blood family that holds great demonic power with its queen and her children.


    The offspring of the kings siblings and the kings siblings themselves. Their power is as great but they have less control over their people that the Royal Family.

    Clan of Tenshi to sureiyāzu:

    A clan of descendants of the angels and wingless angels known as slayers that were sent to earth to defeat the demons. Wingless angels are not very common and angles are rare but slayers do mainly consist of humans but wingless angels have better purification powers and also have a chance of having a winged angel.

    Angels: The Angels are winged warriors born to be trained in certain magics determined by skill they are born with, but these winged angels have become extremely rare and they are the strongest warriors that have the best chance in controlling the demons and defeating them. Some Angels are late bloomers so wingless angels may still actually be angles.

    Demon Slayers: Mainly consists of humans, but wingless angels are usually born and raised around the knowledge of these schools and their extra power and for winged angels they are raised in the grand council of angels as warriors for the church and are ranked almost as high as the high up council of angles.

    Grand Council of Angels:

    They are not actually angels only one is or is known to be and they hold all the power of humans. They are the law, and the one known to have wings is the head of the council.

    So the main characters are





    and Professor Allen

    We have the main familure characters that are still in devlopment but i will have them posted soon as well.

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