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    About Romance of the Three Kingdoms Youtube Audio book! Volume 1


    I am currently working on an audiobook for the book Romance of the Three Kingdoms, the book which serves as a foundation for chinese history and has been the subject of many adaptations, incuding games. Notably, the Romance of the Three Kingdoms strategy games or the Dynasty Warrios beat em ups, both released by Koei.

    I already have two videos on youtube, however, I can only do so many of the voices for all the characters, and honestly I would like to recast some of the roles, as I do not think my voices are very good.

    As such, I have come here to get some voices to voice the characters in the book. Keep in mind that while the book itself is over 1000 pages, this call is merelly for people to voice the parts where the characters have dialogue, which means, whether for good or for bad, the roles might not be as big as you may think.

    I hope to recieve many people as enthuastic as I am to put this thing together :) I hope all of you have a good day!

    Note on Auditions:

    For each one of these roles I will likelly have a preference for voices that are similar to the ones featured in Dynasty Warriors 5. However, don't let that stop you from auditioning, if your voice really fits the part well it won't matter (for instance, Xu Zhu is not a voice I am going to attach any loyalty to since his voice is rather silly in the games and does not reflect his personality in the slightest)

    Also, although I have put in the description of most of the roles that I would like a young adult, I would actually like to say that, given the option, I would have put more than one option, I.E. Young Adult/Middle Age, so don't let the whole age thing get in the way of you auditioning (this applies for any of the age brackets I set up)

    Note on pronunciation:

    If you are going to be auditioning for this project and contributing to it, you are going to have to keep in mind that this book is Chinese and as such there are going to be points where you are going to say some chinese names. Personally I am planning to release two sets of videos at once, one set with english sounding pronunciations and one with mandaring sounding ones. That is the plan anyway. I realize that in the videos I sent I am working with a different pattern (which I describe in the description box) but I am planning on changing that for future parts.

    Once we start doing this, I will send you your lines, and when I send them to you, I will try my best to give you detailed instructions on how to pronounce the names, especially the chinese pronunciations (and while I may have done a crap job at doing this myself in those videos, I am now friends with someone who speaks fluent mandarin as his native language, so I will get him to help me with any pronunciation fuck ups).

    This may sound dawnting and unescessary, but really all you will need to do is say the line as you did in whatever way you are comfortable, and then just say one bit of the line again and say it with the other pronuncation, I will edit it so that it will be good, if there are any times where it doesn't sinc up well at all and I can't use editing magic to fix it, I will contact you, though I am sure you are pro enough that that won't be a problem

    For the auditions though, I will avoid using quotes with names altogether, we can deal with that headache later.

    Final Notes:

    For those who want to know, I am using the translation of the book offered by http://www.threekingdoms.com/index.aspx. You may read this wonderfull book for yourself if you so wish. 

    There are alot of characters I left out of this audition, and that is because I either did not put in because, I found their roles minimal, I do not have a good memory of them in my head because there are ALOT of characters and alot of my memory of the characters is informed by the DW games (though don't worry I have indeed read the book), or simply because they do not appear in Volume 1. If you look up the translation by Yu Sumei, it is split into 3 Volumes. Volume 1 ending arround the aftermath of the battle of Guandu, where Cao Cao defeats Yuan Shao.

    If there are roles that you do not see here and would like to audition for, like say, Dian Wei, or Zhao Yun, or Lu Su, or some of the characters that have a lesser role that you none the less like, you may contact me.

    About the Creator: xexious

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold