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Thegotham's Previously Completed Works

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    About Fill That Role | Dub Comic

    1. Have good mic quality(no pop, static, noise in the background, etc).

    2. Impressions are great, but try and make the character your own.

    Do not think about Kevin or Mark's version of The Joker or Batman. A lot of people have had those roles and you're just another person who is taking on that role. Mark and Kevin are great though. Number 3 on this list is rather important because if given a chance most actors do the research on the character they are going in for.

    3. Read up on the character, watch a few clips, and try to embody that character.

    4. Don't just audition for one character on this CCC page.

    5. Double check your audition. If there is no life in your voice and it sounds like you're just reading cardboard then don't submit it just yet. ALSO check the quality of your mic

    If you have an accent and you don't get cast for the role it doesn't mean your audition was bad. Remember that characters such as Knight and Squire do exist. ELSEWORLD does exist.

    I have a long list of projects I will be doing, so my character rooster is pretty big, and 70% of the time there is a role for you to fill. Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman are reoccurring characters in most DC comic books. PLEASE keep in mind that there are different versions of the characters mentioned above. I probably will have to use different VAs depending on the version.

    Majority of my projects are just missing lines or a role needs filling, and maybe recasting. This CCC page will have a list of every character, every role, and yeah.

    I started working on the bubble removal for this comic book. You can view the first 7 edited pages here. Page 4 needs to be corrected. Do not take edits without informing me. Other edits done by me can be found here. I rush through most edits if I can, so some aren't great. I'll probably have a sample video to add once the editing process is completed.

    I am learning motion comics, but it probably won't be added to any projects I have except for Thief of Thieves for now.

    Still Casting For Main Roles


    Thief of Thieves

    Devil May Cry

    I'll be updating this page slowly, so check back in for more roles. 

    About the Creator: thegotham

    I don't voice act. It's not for me(but I was in one project).

    I have experience in Photoshop(other programs) and I can draw to a certain extent. I can do bubble removal in comic books and manga depending on the artstyle. I can also redraw those scenes where I did remove the bubble from. 

    Example 1 | Example 2 | Example 3 (Coming Soon)

    I do lend out my editing capabilities, but it depends on the format of the video(and artstyle of the comic book).

    I can create channel banners, display icons, and etc. 

    I use two different video editing programs currently. Give me a better program and I can work wonders. 


    Goal: I plan on having a channel on YouTube which releases comic dubs twice or once a week. I have completed, still in process, not started projects. I keep track of everything I do. Most content is unlisted on YouTube on a test channel.

    Need: I need a partner to help me keep track, keep me on track, because it easy for me to get distracted(which happens often).

    Experience In: Photoshop, video program(s), writing script(s), writing a fan fiction, some audio work, some animation(basic), and drawing.

    Lessons: I do give out lessons on how to do the same basic stuff I do.


    If you audition and don't get cast it might be because of mic quality, your performance, or I decided to go with someone else.

    You can ALWAYS audition for other projects I host. You can ALWAYS send in audition even after the deadline on CCC. You can ALWAYS ask me for feedback. 

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold