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About Road of Friendship Animation Series


Hello, everyone! This casting call is for Season 1 of "Road of Friendship" 

We're casting for a slew of voices to be used throughout the season. Folks cast for main roles will be asked to provide lines for additional, smaller roles not featured on CCC. If you're not cast for the main role, and your voice matches the tone of the show, we may ask you to provide lines for supporting roles in the production. All roles are in the English language. Voice actors must be comfortable using the language. 

For main roles (+ additional lines for minor roles and retakes), we don't have a budget to pay the staff fully. We apologize. We'll try to start the Kickstarter to pay the staff properly. 

We're also looking for artists and animators to join our team. You don't have to be professional. We're always looking for new talent to join us. We believe that if we look for new talents, we can grow and develop our skills together along with the production. We're looking for animators (clean-up animators, draft animators) and artists (concept artists, background artists, storyboard artists)

We also showcase all of our staff on our website (for example, we'll set "Credits" on the upcoming website). The showcase includes photos, biography, contact information, and links to a demo reel. Our staff is also listed visually in the credits of each show. 



The animation series follows the group in their own adult lives and in flashbacks to their high school years. While in their adult lives, they discover their own secrets connected to the scandal.

The media pays attention to Samaria Enrita and Henry Roberts, the high-acclaimed power couple while Jackie Lopez and Qi Lan try to grapple with their fragile relationship. Akash Singh finds out the lead in his elite agent case. The lead would connect Henry to the scandal that he caused the group to fall in their demise.

While in high school, everyone meets each other for the first time. Jackie and Qi fall in love while Samaria and Henry come in the tension of their relationship, while Akash is the focus of the Homecoming season. They discover their part in the summer camp where they met a year ago.


The deadline for auditions is August 4th, 2020. There are currently no plans to extend this deadline, as the full pilot script is almost ready to release to voice actors. We'll notify voice actors who have been cast in roles by August 10th and send scripts to voice actors by August 12th. If chosen, we'll be very flexible. Please expect to be available on Discord where we will discuss our internal deadlines. August 10th, we also will send the notice to the artists/animators to join our productions and be provided with the instructions as well. 


Expect to be warmly greeted by Jocelyn Saravia and Blue Valley Television Animation, the original folks that put together the Road of Friendship. At this point, you'll be part of our family, where you'll get to interact with other voices actors, artists, and staff from all around the country, even the world, all of whom offer a wealth of experience and knowledge. 

We're mostly Deaf. Please do understand that we cannot understand your voices fully, but we can hear you talk and things.

We communicate primarily through Discord. If you are unfamiliar with this application, you can still audition, however, we strongly, strongly recommend participation through Discord so that you can collaborate with your fellow voice actors. We've used Discord with other projects and it has been of immense value. 


First and foremost, have fun -- we take pride in bringing together talents in different mediums to create something truly phenomenal, but none of it means anything if the people involved aren't passionate about their craft. 

Please submit clean recordings (no air conditioners in the background, no fans -- we don't mind performing noise reduction on your files, however too much clean-up reduces the quality of your voice). 

Feel free to cut your lines to your best/favorite takes. Three is the gold standard. We have a few voice actors that would rather give us more takes, and that's okay, too. However please at least remove the takes you don't want to be featured on the podcast. 

Please submit your recordings as one .wav file to the production email, which will be provided to you after casting. If a file is too large to submit via email, we prefer to use OneDrive.

We do occasionally ask for line re-dos, but we do this sparingly, and only after great consideration - we realize your time is valuable, and we won't ask for anything we can't work around in edits. 

Animators/Artists, Jocelyn is leading the art direction team. She will provide the instructions after everyone is chosen. 

Lastly, since we are planning on multiple seasons of the Road of Friendship, we 'd like to cast people who will be able to stick with us for a while. We're incredibly proud of our work, and when starting a new project, we would like to return to you all chosen to work with us again. 


Blue Valley Television Animation is a small Deaf indie studio that strives to bring together artists from different mediums to create new and unique stories.  We're trying to break the ground by hiring the people who have the talent to bring to the world. 

About the Creator: moose__chan

Hello, My name is Jocelyn!  I'm a college sophomore enrolled in Gallaudet University. I am a Deaf artist, and I'm an art major candidate for B.A in Art and Media Design at Gallaudet University's College of Arts and Science, and I also plan to minor in Digital Media. I plan to pursue a career as a storyboard artist.

I have completed my program in AP Art Studio (2D and 3D respectively) and AP Art History. I also completed my Digital Media and Design I course

I do my short films and story-boarding in my free time, also I take in interest in doing comics and projects of my own! Just like my animation project called "Road of Friendship

Please do use one of these social media I have to contact me to discuss, ask, or inquire about me or anything else art-related!

My audience is not yet big, but it's getting somewhere. I operate Blue Valley Productions aka Blue Valley Toons. 

My mission is to create this show to be inspiring to the deaf audience. 

If there's anything about my short-lived VA career, I voiced my story called: "Deaf in Hearing World" on Storybooth on Youtube,

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