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    About Rhythm Thief On The Run (Pilot episode)

    It's been two years since the Hanging Gardens rose, and in those two years, the mysterious Phantom R, the one who saved Paris, has vanished completely. The only clue he left, a short series of text messages and a promise to meet again, was left in the hands of the woman he'd loved. Marie followed that clue for those two years, aided by the self-proclaimed private eye Charlie, though after so much time without any further leads, Charlie has become unwilling to continue, while Marie has held on to whatever hope there is of him returning.

    One night changes everything. Upon receiving an urgent call from an out-and-about Charlie, Marie is hit with the news that Phantom R is once again in Paris. Not only that, but he's been savagely beaten, having been saved from a worse fate through Charlie's intervention. Once she arrives on the scene, something else is discovered about him: He's wearing a mysterious anklet, one bound to him by a strange lock that he can't seem to break. Upon finding shelter for the night away from prying eyes, he reveals another fact: He can't remember obtaining it, let alone putting it on his ankle. Not only that, but the anklet boasts a very familiar symbol, the same that Marie's violin bears.

    Hoping for answers to the many questions he has, Raphael makes an offer with Charlie: A truce, at least until the mysteries surrounding the anklet are resolved. Given the anklet's possible connections to the incident two years ago, Charlie begrudgingly accepts the offer, though she says she'll be keeping a close eye on him.

    Away from their eyes, however, a storm is brewing, and at the center of it stands someone with the power to bring entire countries to their knees...

    So what is Rhythm Thief On The Run?

    All right, so you've played Rhythm Thief, a game with no sequel, no plans for a sequel, and a million cliffhangers.

    This is my answer to that.

    On The Run is an audio drama intended to tie up the loose ends of Rhythm Thief, plus create a new and engaging plot that expands on the characters and their world. It's not a huge project, considering that the fanbase is pretty small, but it's my current pet project that I'd love to see take off.

    As you can see below, I've already had to fill in a few things. Namely, last names. Please take note of this: Raphael and Marie's last names are not actually canon. I feel like I should mention that, because I know these things tend to get spread around as canon a lot???

    Anyway, I hope to see actors here! Have fun with your auditions! Feel free to shoot me an ask on tumblr (cia-nah) or talk to me on my deviantart (cla-re) for more info!

    About the Creator: cla-re

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