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    About Danganronpa spinoff *Rewind Ronpa

    REwind Ronpa is a Danganronpa spin off series I'm working on. My goal is to try my best in creating a well developed and produced Danganronpa fan made comic/visual novel. I expect to take this project seriously, but also to make it an enjoyable experience as well!

    Storyline to REwind Ronpa :

    2 years ago, Hope's Peak Academy announced that they would be opening a new program for selected students. The "Abandoned Hope reconstruction" program is an after-school activity which only involves ultimate students who are suffering from personal issues, a way to help these pupils break free from their insecurities to achieve their true talent potential. Matsuki was selected to enrol into the academy as the ultimate diary journalist, but unfortunately, she was also chosen to participate in the AHR program as well. Just like the first Danganronpa plot, the after-school activity turned out to be a killing game. Students were greeted by a familiar looking teddy bear, but this time he was introduced as “Monojunior”. Monojunior explains to the pupils that he was the head in charge of the program, though neglecting to have any connections to the killing game. He does mention that he was a learning AI built by an unknown “Grey”, which appears to be the nickname of the mastermind behind the mess. In Rewind Ronpa, the aim of the game is to assure that the students overcome their insecurities through difficult challenges. Now Matsuki and her classmates must survive the killing game and find out who this “Grey” Person truly is.

    Requirements before auditioning :

    • NO BACKING OUT. This project requires full participation, so I don't expect to see anyone who were casted to leave in the middle production. ( meaning, no leaving the project after a recorded chapter has been published. )
    • - DECENT RECORDING QUALITY. Background noise is allow but only a little as I want your voice to be the the main focus of it.
    • - EXPRESSIONS AND EMOTIONS. As you can see, I don't put many voice references for the characters, this is because I want everything to be original.
    • But in addition, you must be able to express the lines as though you are the the characters yourself. There are scenes where crying or screaming may be involved, so be prepared!
    • - RESTRICTIONS! Please only audition if your above 13 and are willing to commit fully. 

    To Cast members :

    • - Lines must be recorded within 3 days, But for characters like the main or minor, They are given about 5 days. Deadlines can be extended but only to a certain amount. 
    • - If a voice actor needs to go on break, they are given 2 weeks but audio clips must be sent immediately afterwards.
    • - I would contact cast members through tumblr and email. If I need to discuss about anything, then a discord would be needed as well.

    Final Notes from the producer :
    Please take note that some of the characters currently do not have any profile pictures, this is because I'm still working on their designs! Also please take notice that this project may go off or on from time to time, but I'll do my best to make this project as active as possible! Everything would be uploaded on instagram at @/rewind.ronpa. Once a chapter is complete I would post it on youtube afterwards.
    I hope everything goes to plan and that we all have a fun time creating this fan made comic in dedication to the Danganronpa series!! 

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold