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    About RevivalTale (UT AU Webcomic) Dub Casting Call

    Hello there!

    I'm putting up this casting call for a project I'm working on called RevivalTale!
    This is an AU (alternate universe) to the Undertale story! More info on it can be found here: https://revivaltaleau.deviantart.com/journal/RevivalTale-AU-The-Introduction-628939878 (WARNING FOR MAJOR SPOILERS FROM THE GAME!)

    The comic is currently only at three pages, but I intend to have the first episode of the dub cover 5-7 pages. So, we won't begin work immediately, but rather after the comic has enough material to cover a 7-10 minute episode. This might be the three pages we have now, it might be ten, but I won't know exactly until I can work with the actors.

    I'm looking for 5 dedicated and friendly voice actors to help me dub the comics!  I will be personally voicing the 6th and final character, Alexandria. 

    The project has no set time, as I intend to continue the comic itself. However, I plan to have the first episode ready to go in the next 6 months, if things go smoothly.

    As for your lines, I'll be rather lenient on when you get them to me, since the comic is ongoing with no clear schedule. However, if things change and I think getting the dub up sooner would be a good idea, I'll give all of you a month's notice to get your lines in! I don't want to be rude and spring it on you randomly, after all.

    Now, for auditioning rules!

    1. Please have a clear microphone! I want the dub to come out as clean and professional as possible. It doesn't have to be perfect, as I can personally edit down background noise, but it'd be great for you to have a clear take from the start!

    2. If casted, I need to have a method of contacting you. Whether email or Discord, I want to be able to communicate with you about lines. 

    3. You don't need to know all that much about Undertale to participate. However, fair warning that the comic will spoil a lot of Undertale, and specifically the pacifist run. 

    4. Read your lines multiple times! This helps me to get a feel for your voice, and what emotions your favor or stay away from. Make sure you vary each take, even if it's a small thing!

    5. Please let me know if you plan on being away for a long time or are planning on dropping out ahead of time! I don't want to have 90% of an episode completed just to realize that you can't voice your lines.

    6. Make sure your volume is at an appropriate range! I don't want to blast out my eardrums listening to an audition!

    As a final note, if any voice actors would want to do other projects with me, I'd be delighted! Just let me know!

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold