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The Animator727's Previously Completed Works

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About Retribution (A Grand Theft Auto movie)

Retribution follows the story of Ling Zheng, a Chinese-Japanese professional mobster who works for the Leone family of Los Santos. After being betrayed by those who once trusted, Ling struggles to survive against the criminal underworld while seeking vengeance against those who wrong him.

This project is a Grand Theft Auto V machinima, intended to be edited with the Rockstar Editor and later published on the YouTube. This project will contain multiple parodies and breaking fourth wall jokes, however, it will still remain serious and represent GTA in it' natural tone. The intended final product should range from 50 minutes to an hour depending on how much is edited and/or removed. The intended release data is March 2018, however, this may change depending on any backtracks and availability of actors. This is an unpaid project to any who are involved. Actors who are cast in their respective roles will be required to reply to any and all messages within at least a day. They will be sent the full script via their emails where they will record each of their lines secretly in an MP3 format and send them to the director to later be edited. Everyone involved will be credited in the project, but if they are concerned with privacy, they may be left anonymous. As discussed before, this is a unpaid project so please refrain from asking for any compensation. Thank you for reading, any questions, feel free to message them me and I will reply as soon as possible. Good day-


About the Creator: TheAnimator727

Just a guy who loves making videos, making people laugh, and playing video games. Good day, everyone. My name is John and I'm currently the main director of GTA 5 machinimas on YouTube. I also do voice acting occasional and I am hoping to improve that so I will be submitting auditions as well. I'm a nice guy who's always looking to make friends and believe everyone deserves a chance with their goals in life. If you would like to follow me, here is my YouTube and my twitter.



Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold