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    About Kpop English Cover Group *Males Needed!*

    For a while I have been wanting to make a cover of Red Velvet's Peek-A-Boo and even made a solo cover by myself, buuuuut I wanted to make it with other people since its a lot for just me. And once I did that I was like, "Why just stop at Peek-A-Boo???"

    Sooooo with that said, I'm hoping to make an English cover group that covers mainly kpop songs.

    Unlike my other casting calls, you will not be given a guide to follow. I'm not looking for you to impersonate anyone, I am just looking for singers with solid voices. That being said, I will be hardcore judging you, so don't be offended if you aren't casted or if I ask you to redo something. 

    Also note, I'm hoping to get a good mix of male and female voices in the group. This might mean that the guys will have the opportunity to sing girl group songs. I'm not discriminatory. I think more guys should sing those songs if they want to.

    I have written lyrics for Spring Day(BTS), Peek-A-Boo(Red Velvet), Miracles in December(EXO), Congratulations(Day6), and a few others. With the help of my members, I will be able to write and produce more than I could do for myself. 

    The deadline is so long because I am currently back at college so I need time to wrap up other projects I have and to not flunk myself out of college. 
    Now let's get to the nitty gritty unfun stuff of it.

    1. You must  have a decent mic. I am extremely picky about audio quality. I don't want you to sound like you are in a fishbowl.
    2. Your audition must be recorded in a quiet environment. I will take your audition as a trial run of what it's like to work with you. If I can hear your fan or brother screaming in the background I'll assume that you aren't taking it seriously and I take my music seriously.
    3. In the event that you get casted, you need to submit your lines on time. It is miserable for me to have to chase you down to submit lines. Don't get casted and "suddenly" get busy. I understand that you may have tests or unforseen circumstances, and I will bend accordingly, but I will give you more than enough time to record so just get it in on time.
    4. Audition in English and only English. We aren't singing in any other language so no need to sing in another language.
    5. If you are casted, communication will be through Discord.

    *Other Info*
    The covers for this group will be uploaded on a separate channel with a name that is decided by the members. I have zero creative ability when it comes to making names for groups so...yeah..

    Have fun, and I'll be looking forward to your entries!

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold