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Zombie Jesus's Previously Completed Works

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    About Red & Gold [URGENTLY looking for MIXER!]

    Plot: As Summer comes to an end 19-year-old Red Hopper (A juvnile dliquent who cares about nothing and no one but herself) and her long lost sister Goldie (A hyperactive care free spirit who loves everything and everyone) discovers a book which contains fairy tale characters of the past and present. All stories were rewritten leading into the events of changing people’s fates and memories, this was all at the hands of some powerful force and some pages were scattered across Tales Peak, a city of fairy tales and forgotten fables which they say is forgotten for a reason. Now these sisters are on a mission to rewrite fairy tale history and restore balance to every fairy tale being living in Tales Peak or their whole world will no longer live a happy ending 


    The audience is targeted for Kids and Teenagers, although there might be times where it gets a little dark. A lot of fairy tales are written in my own image and have nothing to do with Disney or any other companies who distributed ideas before my one. The whole world is a modern day twist on Fairy tale characters and their stories to be rewritten to fit their personalities for instance Beauty and The Beast become partners in crime wearing 1940s attires and acting like something you would see from an old gangster movie, or Captain Hook runs his own Pizza restaurant against his arch-rival Peter Pan, making Hook the good guy instead of Peter Pan. So, the possibilities are endless!

    This project has had its up and many downs, with holds and finding mixers to problems going on outside the web. 2020 is the year to get it done and make It a fantastic series for everyone to enjoy! Now during the time many I casted are in show biz or don't have time anymore which is why I need your help to fill in the roles. Also, I need a little help with composing the music and writing the scripts as well. 

    There rules you must follow like HAVING A CLEAN MICROPHONE: Meaning no pops, cracks, static or any background noise! Fail to follow will leave to rejection 

    YOU MUST HAVE A DISCORD: It's easy to follow and can be easy for us to communicate 

    Other then that have fun and I cant wait to see your auditions 

    About the Creator: ZombieJesus

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold