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Anarchist86ed's Previously Completed Works

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About Red Dawn: The audio series.

Casting for Red Dawn: The audio series. Many small roles available. I prefer someone who can do multiple roles so I can keep the cast # low. There is NO pay for this. But you can always use it as an example of your work.

I need a teacher. 2 fathers. A mayor. Several minor British soldiers. And a prologue and credits voice. If you think you can do all of them I'm fine with using one voice I can pitch to sound different, or if you can sound different that would be fine.

The story:

Set in the near future, Europe has become one nation after it's disastrous Migrant crisis nearly destroyed it. With help from Russia, Europe has unified into one powerful nation. And with it rises a vast army that with the help of their Russian allies, becomes the most powerful on Earth. But there was a price to pay for it's salvation, and America will pay it. A group of kids from Calumet, Colorado must throw away their smart phones and pick up a rifle to fight for their homes and families.

The rules:

#1: YOU MUST HAVE A GOOD MIC! I can not accept anything that sounds like it was recorded from a phone call.

#2: YOU MUST BE ABLE TO ACT! If you're just going to read the words and put no personality into it, then it's of no use to me.

#3: I can not work with people who will complain about the politics involved in this story. I will not indulge any kind of social justice nonsense and pronoun crap. If you don't want to work on a story that involves things you find "offensive", and in this story you might, then no thank you. I'm not changing anything to make you happy and fulfill your snowflakeyness. I bring this up because I recently had to work with someone who pulled this. They started sending me notes on what to change and how this or that was insensitive. I'll have none of that. I fired them and will not deal with that nonsense in a project that's meant to be fun.

#4: Do not audition if you intend to vanish. This is the biggest problem I've had with voice actors. I cast them, then they just vanish never to be heard from again.

There are multiple small roles, as I said, so posting them all would be laborious. If you watch Red Dawn: 1984, you'll know who the teacher is, and you'll know who the two fathers are. You'll know who the mayor is. Though my characters are much different. I also need British, yes I said British soldiers.

I guess since I can't post my email here, somehow send me a demo or ask for some lines. I'd prefer a demo. I'll post the lines as I get time.

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold