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Emilyhickson's Previously Completed Works

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    About RE FNAF Musical Parody! (-No Animatronics needed)

    EDIT: I want to push for paid projects on this site, but I'm going to start small - I am a student myself, after all :P This will also mean I'm pushing for quality. I'm paying you to be good at voice acting! Please do your best! Which mostly means cleaning your audio up before sending it in me. You will also need a PayPal that I can use to send this through to you after the completion of the project.

    Temp Track added above, for clarity. If you send in a scream for the children's parts at the end of the video, please give us all some warning!
    TEMP TRACK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w5P6z9qONBQ

    Hello fellow Encounterers and FNAF fans!

    This project is not a joke, although I have set memes for each of the audition pictures. I didn't want to use photos of 'real people', thanks to copyright and privacy policies here there and everywhere, so I was stumped for pictorial inspiration!

    I'm Granger, a friend to the musical channel RandomEncounters (RE) who recently did a musical featuring Markiplier about Five Nights At Freddy's. I rewrote the lyrics at the suggestion of another fan (She will be voicing Chicka), and will be cobbling the music and lyrics together to present to RE hopefully by March! I have changed the deadline date, due to the rate of auditions I have here.

    (-IMPORTANT- I do not need animatronic voices. But feel free to try the other available characters.) :D

    I will be voicing the youngest child, KID #1.
    I will also have a TEMP TRACK up soon, in an attempt to get more auditions. It's a little unfair of me to expect you to be able to sing along, with the changes I've made, so I'll have something clearer and less distracting up within a week. +Rep to those who already managed to audition without it, that was brave!

    The lyrics (listed below) were written against the timing of the original song (see the the video linked), so if you could record without accompaniment for your audition, that would be great! Some of the musical interludes and breaks will be changed in the final song, I will warn you if I need you to change anything about the delivery of your lines if you are selected. Thank you! Have fun auditioning! I don't need professional singing, but quality audio and an energetic style would be lovely, thank you.

    BONNIE: Hello!
    FOXY: Hello! (CHICKA: Hello!)

    Hi I'm Freddy
    Pleasure to meet you
    I'm here to give you lots of hugs
    Bonnie, Foxy, Chicka and I are
    Ready to give you lots of love~ (KID 1: Wow, what creepy puppets!/KID 2: They're robots, doofus./KID 3: Mummy I'm hungry...)

    Freddy's pizza's
    a little expensive
    What do they put in it,
    Golden meat?
    Off you go kids,
    Off to have fun.
    Don't you break anything and
    Don't you dare run.

    We'll try to find a table
    In front of
    The show.

    I wanna see the robots!

    Then let's try the first row!

    This is lame
    the seats are full!

    Let's try behind stage.

    (Whoa that looks cool!)
    What's this robot
    Doing down here?

    Its eyeball is missing!

    And so are some gears!

    (KIDS, spoken: We could try to find them..?// Is this one?//)
    (SECURITY GUARD, spoken: Hey kid! Put that down! Scram, all of you! Stop staring at me, get lost!)

    You should calm down sir.

    Use your inside voice!

    We're going nowhere!

    Then you give me no choice.
    Whatcha gonna do now,
    Scare us away?

    This is not where kids play!

    I could tell you some ghost stories
    To make your
    Hair curl
    Now run off like good children
    And you know what, little girl?
    If you stayed here
    You'd get a fright
    Cause these puppets
    Get hungry at night
    Now find your parents
    And go eat
    These monsters here
    You don't want to meet

    (KIDS: Fine, we're out of here!See you later, loser!)
    (GUARD: The thanks I get for this terrible job... hey! Go on, get!) (KIDS laughing)
    (MUM: Where have you been? DAD: The pizza's getting cold!)

    I want to go back in...

    The guard just kicked us out.

    We can try again
    When we're sure he's not about...

    Come on kids, stop whispering
    You can play again once you're done
    Make sure you don't run or get hurt
    Those 'bots must weigh a tonne...(FREDDY, far-off: Hey!)

    We'll wait til they're not looking
    Then hide in
    The Cove

    Is Foxy really a pirate?

    Maybe we'll find a treasure trove!
    (Curtains are flung aside)

    (KIDS:That's not how you use that word.
    How do you know?

    I'm 11. I know everything.
    FOXY (strong scottish/irish accent):
    You may be right li'l boy. Butcha don' listen.

    (-Music cuts. Silence. Slow, heavy breathing and slight metallic sounds between the KIDs' chatter)
    (KIDS: Did you say that?No.Where's the guard?Alright, let's go.) (Curtains are flung aside again)
    (Spy music plays as they make their way through the crowds, then the GUARD spots them!)
    (KIDS: Did he see us?No, keep going. Oh no!RUN!)
    (GUARD: Hey!)
    (-Music comes back)

    What are you doing!
    Running away sir!

    You kids don't know
    the danger you're in!
    Turn back now and
    I'll be a bit nicer!
    Quick, this room!

    We'll lock him in!

    (GUARD, spoken in a panic, trying to keep the situation calm as he knows the kids will get hurt if they succeed in locking him in:)
    You three, out of the- put those down! I'm warning you, pass those keys over and we'll walk out of this here little storeroom, and nobody will get hurt. I'm not chasing you around this table, got it? Get here!

    (KIDS: Now!)

    (Lots of footsteps around the table, and suddenly the guard is on the wrong side of the room.) (A door slams and a key turns in the lock. The GUARD hammers on the door, shouting in a muffled way, and the KIDS high-five, unaware of the monster looming behind them.)

    (KIDS: Take that, you monster!That'll teach you for bossing us around!)

    (FREDDY: Oooh, look at that.

    BONNIE: Three little souls.

    CHICKA: Three little brains.

    FOXY: Ready to see the inside of an articulate animatronic, little ones?)

    (The KIDS scream and the music stops, ending with FREDDY's laugh fading into the distance)

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold