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About Rap Battle Roles - Redux

Check out the rap battles I have out so far. Would you like to be a part of one of them?

Hello, again! A while ago I started up a casting call page in which I was looking for voice actors to play characters in a rap battle, which you can check out the original page here.

As of today, I still need a lot of characters casted, so I've decided to create a new page!

I am looking for impressionists and/or rappers to audition for the characters. A good mic is required (I recommend a Blue Yeti), as well as a pop filter or being able to record with minimal pops..

The content for each character varies, some of the characters are in a team together, and will rap as such, which you will need to cooperate with other voice actors for, and some are just solo verses with as many as 8 - 32 lines in the entirety of the role.

Currently there's a small selection of characters to be casted, but I will be adding more gradually! 
Though the main objective of this casting call page is to help me find a whole range of voice actors I can contact for roles in the future.


In the original casting call page, I used to have a more straightforward audition process in which I supplied "audio demos" and "instrumentals" along with the audition lyrics.

However, I've needed to change up this process as to avoid spoiling my upcoming projects.

I've split up this process into steps and parts of which is as follows:

Found a character you'd like to audition for?
Pick your favourite rap song and make a cover of it in the character's voice!
Eg; Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice in a Mickey Mouse impression.

If your audition is to my standard, I will contact you further through PM or other means.
I will then supply you with the character's lyrics, audio demo and instrumental for you to try recording with the instrumental.
You can do a quick rough recording for this just to try out the lyrics.

The final step - this is where you've been casted as the character.
Either rerecord your recording from the previous step and/or tidy it up for the final product.
This final recording will include a backup vocal track.
When you're done with this step please send me your vocals by themselves, either in wav or mp3.


These rap battles will be produced with a fully edited video, whether it be an AMV or an original animation, or PNG editing. I will make the video mostly by myself, but I do have a couple of buddies to help me out when they can.

These rap battles will be uploaded on my YouTube channel at

Also, audio releases will be uploaded on SoundCloud at


If you would like to contact me:
Skype: skiptile
Discord server:
(you can find me through this, because my Discord tag changes every two weeks)
YT channel:

Have fun auditioning!

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold