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    About Quantum Effect: Homano the Warrior teaser trailer

    It's a web comic slideshow with sound effects, music, and voice acting.

    I need a narrator.... please help me out.

    Narrator: In 1352 there lived an orphaned young man of the age of 24 named Zhou Yuanzhang, who lived in China of the Anhui Province.
    There he lived in a Buddhist temple, where he learned to read and write while learning the ways of the monks.
    He was happy with his life until the temple was destroyed by the Mongolia army. After returning from gathering food for several hours
    it started to rain, he found the rubble of the temple still smoldering in the rain. Zhou sat at the former entrance and wept because
    he had nowhere else to go. A blue dragon arrived, shocked to see his temple's destruction.

    Tai Ryza Yuko: Who did this?

    Zhou Yuanzhang: I don't know.

    Tai: I am Tai Ryza Yuko, prince of dragons. And who are you, human?

    Zhou: Zhou Yuanzhang. I was taken in by the monks.

    Tai: I see.

    Narrator: Zhou and Tai together decided to join the White Lotus Society, where they received intensive training. Together, they rose in rank after many
    battles. Zhou then married Lady Ma, the grand-daughter of the leader of the White Lotus Society. She gave birth to a son named Toshi.
    His son Toshi received training as a warrior, eventually claiming the throne when his father died. But in his sadness, Toshi blamed Tai for his father's
    death, and began to plot ideads on how to be rid of him. Toshi had a spell placed in an amulet, which would turn the dragon into stone.
    One night, luring Tai to a hidden cave on the mountain, Toshi turned Tai into stone and left him there. For years, Toshi ruled in peace,
    raising a family, But little did he realize doom was just on the horizon.

    Voice: Boy! Boy!! Wake up! Your home is in danger! Follow the blue glow..!

    Narrator: That night, everyone the boy knew died. His parents were killed along with all the other villagers, the boy saw the faces of his parents

    killers but not the people who burned his village, he barely had time to escape to survive.

    Tai Ryza Yuko: Go... go! follow my instructions!... Well done Shen!...  Your destiny lies beyond this portal, enter it bravely.

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold