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    About Punch line abridged (Pilot)

    Hello there, I am GaoGaiKingTheGreat, an Amateur voice actor and Video editor on YouTube. Im still learning the ropes on being fluent with writing and acting but any help and suggestions will be much appreciated. Im currently looking for Voice Actors with Good Mic quality, decent Acting, and Availability.

    The type of humor is loud, crude, and sometimes perverted (because thats the kind of stuff that explodes in my head often) so expect some cursing and screaming in most of my scripts. If you also have video editing and script editing/writing skills too, then please message me on my email, the more support, the better (it would also be nice to show me samples of what you've done so I can get a better Idea too)

    Auditions are due by 04/30/2015 11:59 PM (though the more auditions I receive the faster the deadline will shorten)
    Recording and Contact Information
    Make sure that recordings are crisp and clear, little to no background noise please
    Record using 44100Hz mp3 (wav if you are selected or called up personally from me)

    Production Expectations
    Again this project is all for fun. I have plans to have more ideas in the future and at the same time would need a group of awesome people like you auditioning to be prepared for any future projects that will come along the way. So even though the role Im looking for specifically for this series is not there for you, message me your demo reel and I will be sure to contact you for any upcoming projects

    As for recording, please be sure to get me lines in soon. You will have 1-2 weeks to work on it but I would prefer if you would get lines in a few days after you receive lines (let me know ahead of time if you have any situations that will hold off on recordings by then)

    (If I need directing on certain lines or if you wish for directing)All team members are expected to be able to schedule time for line directing during a Friday and/or weekend (if you want a certain day of the week, let me know, and well see what we can do to set a certain time for directing

    Episodes are expected to be released monthly, (though this can change if new scripts are made in the future)

    Team members will be able to view and send comments/suggestions before release to the general audience.

    And also have fun auditioning and good luck :D


    Note* Also even though there will be less then a few roles left, please place your samples, and demo reels onto the other section of the auditions. Depending on your quality, I will message you and will call you up for any upcoming future projects

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold