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Night Wing Mist Hawk's Previously Completed Works

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    About Psupers Episode 1

    In a not-so different reality from ours, humans are born with a special hormone called D26. In enough levels, D26 can cause a person to develop strange talents, which to the casual observer seem completely indistinguishable from superpowers. People with these talents are placed within a group called "Homo Contra Naturam" (literally Unnatural Man) or as many people have rudely nicknamed them, psupers (the p is silent). But when someone's different than you, how do you treat them?

    Shawn is a normal guy on the outside, but on the inside, he's struggling. He's just found out he's got talents, which puts his life in danger due to the rough and tumble crowd he hangs out with. He meets up with his doctor's receptionist and together they must try to stay alive in a world that wants nothing more than Shawn's arrest (or even death). But when Natalie starts displaying strange powers as well, everyone is forced to ask themselves: what happens when the natural suddenly becomes unnatural?

    This is an idea I've sat on for a couple months now. It's partially an alternative way to view the recent events that have been happening, but it's not entirely inspired by those events.


    I'm looking for good audio. If you don't have a really good microphone, feel free to audition, but please know that if your audio is quite bad I might not pick you for the role.

    If you're not comfortable with insinuated racism and violence or mild language, please don't audition. I don't want to force anyone to act in this if they really don't feel comfortable with it.

    This is only the first episode of what I hope will be an ongoing series. However, please do keep in mind that we might only produce a handful of episodes, or possibly even none at all - I'm heading off to college in the fall and don't know what my schedule will be like.

    Unfortunately, due to my limited budget, I won't be able to pay anyone. This is solely a passion project.

    All communication for this project will be done through Discord - although it's not required, feel free to leave your Discord username in your audition.

    If you're interested in reading the script, feel free to send me a PM and I'll happily send you the link.

    Thank you for your time! I'm excited to see everyone's auditions!

    About the Creator: NightWingMistHawk

    Hi there! I'm a (soon-to-be college) student who enjoys acting! Dipping my toe into the waters of voice acting, and loving every moment of it so far!

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold