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    About ProjectNull Productions - Whiteeyes - Professional Minecraft Machinima

    ProjectNull Productions is a team of Actors, Voice Actors working in Minecraft to create content for many viewers.

    Our main focus is Horror, Cinematic and Emotional stories. The Director and CEO have worked in this kind of industry for a long time. 

    Terms & Conditions:

    1: You must have the programme Discord downloaded and an account created.

    2: You must have a Microphone of good quality

    3: You must be 13+

    4: You must understand when you must be mature and professional, any acts of immaturity leading to distribution will lead to a punishment. (Banishment from the team)

    5: UselessMisadventures has the right to deny any payment if terms are broken (Submission will not be used)

    6: If any information given to the CEO & Manager is fake or incorrect will lead to punishment (Banishment from the team)

    7: If you are interested in becoming an Actor for the team visit:

    8: You must accept to being credited in the description of all videos you have assisted in.

    Project Information:

    Some information will be short due to spoilers

    Whiteeyes is a tale of a secret testing facility that found an odd substance, they begin testing it and later finding out its true power.  The tale then continues to 3 kids finding the old facility and exploring it, one by one get lost and are nowhere to find. Even later on we are found with a group of 4 people. All ready to explore the old facility when 2 are the only ones to make it out alive.

    The next chapter explains the story behind the creature and how it got out.

    Duration of Voice Acting: 

    If you apply for a main and serious role (Which will be labeled) you will be apart of the team and will have to join the discord, and will be apart of that voice role until told you are no longer needed to voice act that character.

    If you are a smaller role you are still welcomed to voice other characters if you join the official crew

    Roles Needed:

    Josh - A big chump, acts a lot like a big brother: Small Role, Apart of the Pilot: 1

    Chris - A normal really chill dude. Soft tone and voice: Small Role, Apart from the pilot: 2 

    Mark - Pretty whimpy dude, not sounding too whimpy but a normal casual voice: Small Role, Main part of the pilot: 3

    Main Roles: (Need good quality microphones)

    Scientist - A older sounding man, sounds to be in his 20 - 30's, Deep and directive. 4 

    Lucus - Main Characts best friend and is apart of the whole series. Sounds like another casual guy but really responsible and strong. 5

    Main Character - Sounds like a casual guy, sounds serious and strict. 6 

    Main Characters crush - A cute young girl, sounds like she knows what she is doing and is on point. 7

    (Profiles of the voices listed below are for a better idea of how they look, act etc. Characters names could change at any time)



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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold