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    About Project Voice [ Arousal Sounds 18+ ] Recruiting

    Project Arousal is a HUD Available on Second Life to allow users to moan without using their actual voices over the mic system, the default HUD only comes with 1 female voice however, that's where Project Voice comes in. We specialize in offering high quality customer service and a very diverse range of both female and male voice packs to clients who purchase regularly. 

    The business is flourishing, every winter and summer we bring on a whole new cast of voice actors who receive commission for their hard work. 10% of each pack sold goes into their pocket. and if the voice actor makes 5 packs with us they get 100% commission off of the 5th pack. 

    The store has been active for years and is still going so well that any competition is temporary. 

    #1. Good quality Microphones only please. 
    #2. No BG Noise. 
    #3. THIS PROJECT IS 18+ ONLY! Auditions can be sent privately to email if you are uncomfortable auditioning in public. 
    #4. No credit can be given for this role. All voice actors in this project remain anonymous for safety reasons.  

    Q: Can I send my audition to an email? 
    A: Yes you can PM me and I will send you the email address to send it to. 

    Q: How do I get paid for doing this? 
    A: Each of our packs sell for Linden, linden can be very easily converted over to paypal money. 

    Q: How much will I make?
    A: There is no guaranteed answer for this, especially since we can sell your packs for up to 20 USD per pack, this is by no means a source of income to pay rent but it is lots of nice money to just have building up 

    Q: Once I make a pack and sell it through you if I change my mind can I ask that you no longer sell my pack? 
    A: Absolutely. just say the word if you are feeling like this isn't something you wish to take part in, I will first send you the link to your pack to show you it on the market, I will remove the pack and then ask you to refresh so you can get assurance that the pack is off the market. I don't want anyone on this project to feel trapped or insecure by any means. 

    Q: Why can't you credit people? 
    A: Some of the voice actors wish to remain anon and as such we do this for everyone so it isn't a strange thing for the customer. Plus, someone might be okay with handing out private information but down the road change their mind, and unfortunately with that information being out already they wouldn't get the choice to simply reverse that. 

    Q: How many voices do you need for this? 
    A: Unlimited I need as many as I can get for each role! 

    Q: So How will I know if I am picked? 
    A: I will comment on your audition saying "welcome to PVoice" and ask you to contact me via PM 

    if you have any further questions please do not hesitate to ask

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold