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About Project STELLAR Season 1B

Siblings Mike and Marie King are fresh out of school, ready for their usual run-of-the-mill summer vacation. However, close encounters of the freaky kind throw a wrench in their plans. Looks like they're not as alone in the universe as they thought.

Welcome to Project STELLAR! (Again!)

And so we return for Season 1B! Check out Season 1A on iTunes (and by extension, various podcast apps), YouTube, or our website to get a feel for the show, because things are going to get interesting. Please read through the instructions below carefully before auditioning!

Some things to know:


    This is an unpaid project. We do not make money from this, nor can we pay you. We’re doing this for fun. But hey, you'll have something for your demo reel!

  • • Please have Skype for rehearsals!

  • • The rehearsal times are determined by you, the actors. When you see that you’ll have free time, we'll set up a time to work.

  • • Rehearsals will be recorded for your benefit, as well as for editing purposes. It lets me get a feel for the timing of the lines in post-production.

  • • There aren't necessarily deadlines for rehearsals, but there are definitely ones for  getting your lines in.

  • • Because this is technically an amateur project, we ask that you be patient with us during production. It will be slow at times, but we're not going to ghost you!

Regarding Auditions:

  • • These characters listed are like "guest stars", meaning they (probably)  only appear for one or two episodes. It is to your advantage to display a wide range of character voices, and to audition for multiple roles.

  • • Multiple takes are more than welcome, but only a max of three per character.

  • • Use your normal voice for the first take, but after that, be bold in your vocal choices. As long as you can justify why you think the character would sound like that, give it a go!

  • • All and any accents welcome!

  • • Please submit clean recordings.

  • • Please make sure that your microphone can handle loud sounds/effort noises (yelling, grunting, etc), because there will be action scenes!

  • • There is adult language used, but if you are cast and are uncomfortable with it, we will adjust accordingly.


    You might be considered for roles that you do not audition for.

  • • If you want to audition for a character opposite your gender, do it! Some of these aren't necessarily set in stone.

Note that most of these are not the characters' real names; also, descriptions are somewhat sparse because we need to keep a tighter wrap on the details, even thought this is a public audition. The less spoilers, the better!

Please send us a message if you have any questions. We will respond in a timely manner. Good luck!

7/8/17 UPDATE: Thank you for auditioning! We will be selecting cast members over the next week, so keep an eye out!

7/13/17 UPDATE: Only the role of ADIRA will remain open for auditions.

About the Creator: razethecurtain

Chicago-based writer, actress, artist, dancer. Creator of Project STELLAR, a sci-fi podcast about close encounters of the awesome kind.

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold