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    About Project Shizuka - An Original YouTube Web Series

    Greetings to all! Project Shizuka (working title) is an original internet web-series. The team working on the production has a goal release date of around 10/2017 or 12/2017. But at the moment, we're opening a casting call for some of the major/minor roles in the production!

    "The project is set in a world built from the ground up, with the technology of the medieval era, imbued with the civility and social structure of modern times. The year is 6 AS, and the story mostly occurs within the small country of Odyssey. War has just been declared on the neighboring country, Mobius, and civilians are drafted for recon missions. Ultimately, their relationships and motives strongly shape future actions and events. As you may have observed, the plot has been left vague here - and for good reason. Though we would love to share the plot, we’re so proud of how it unfolds that we have decided to keep it confidential. As of writing, one third of Season 1 has been completely scripted, and the entire series has been planned out, and is being worked on by a team of 7 skilled people."

    Before auditioning, please ensure you have the following:
    -A form of online contact (Skype, Discord etc.)
    -A high quality microphone (e.g. Blue Yeti Microphone)
    -A relatively free schedule (while some characters have definitive screen-times, it is uncertain just how long we will need the voices, so expect to be a part of the project for a year or longer if you're cast as a major role)

    Don't see a role that fits your description? Didn't get cast for the one you're looking for? Don't worry! The roles you see here are not final. In fact, you can expect this page to be updated constantly, so make sure you're checking back on it at least once a week!

    If you don't necessarily want to voice (or don't get selected in the end) but are still interested in the project, we'll put a Facebook page link here soon!

    Thank you all, and hope to hear some excellent voices soon!

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold