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    About Project Odesia


    I have open auditions for some characters in an original motion-comic I'm producing.

    This story idea came actually to me in a dream when I watched the two very different but very good classic 80’s movies, “The Breakfast Club” & “The Never-ending Story” in the same week. That weekend, I had a very vivid dream where the students from The Breakfast Club found “The Neverending Story” book in the library where they were serving detention. My mind basically combined the two movies into one epic scenario. I immediately wrote the idea down as soon as I woke up that morning. (also, some of the material I have for this is in the copyrighting process- so it would be wise not to steal this idea.)

    Since then, I had a strong pull to make something like this happen, and thus- I have expanded on the inspired idea with my own original version called “Odesia”. Incase you might be wondering, the title comes from taking the word ‘Odyssey’ which means, ‘Adventure’- and adding the ‘sia’ as in the land of Asia to the end. So technically Odesia will mean, ‘The Land of Adventure’ if you really think about it. ;) (Also- it is pronounced as ‘oh-day-jah’)

    In order for this dream to be produced into a reality, I will be needing some help from a creative team.

    We currently have 5 characters who will need committed voices for the first episode and ongoing. 
    We are just holding auditions for the characters in the first episode at the moment, the mythical characters you see in the announcement trailer are not going to appear until episode 2, so we're gonna hold off on auditions for those until time gets closer to work on that episode. Check back later for them!

    Please send your auditions to odesiaseries at gmail . com

    Be sure to put which character(s) you're trying out for in the subject line!

    Look forward to hearing from you!


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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold