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About Little Mix Cover Group

About Little Mix

Little Mix is a British girl group formed in 2011 during the eighth series of the UK version of The X Factor. They were the first group to win the competition, and following their victory, they signed with Simon Cowell's record label Syco Music and released a cover of Damien Rice's "Cannonball" as their winner's single. The members are Jade Thirlwall, Perrie Edwards, Leigh-Anne Pinnock, and Jesy Nelson. 

Little Mix released their debut album DNA in 2012, which peaked inside the top 10 in ten countries including the UK and US. This made Little Mix the first girl group since the Pussycat Dolls to reach the US top five with their debut album, as well as earning the highest debut US chart position by a British girl group, breaking the record previously held by the Spice Girls.

About the Cover Group

I plan on having this be a relaxed, long-term project. We will post either once or twice a month (subject to change with the members). We will need staff along with the singers. We will be using our OCs so you do NOT have to sound exactly like the person you are auditioning for but please keep in mind their range.

I will be taking the role of Jade. All other girls are open.

About the girls


Jade is a vocalist from the group Little Mix. She is a light-lyric soprano with a vocal range spanning from Eb3 to D6. Vocally she is a standard pop vocalist, who uses R&B influences to move through her singing. In terms of the group, Jade is often regulated to taking over vocals in the background. Because of her style of singing, Jade is usually responsible for ad libs and high notes (that are not designated to Perrie). Because of that, Jade seems like the most likely to alter or play with the song's original melody. She tends to alter things for the fun of it and is much more playful vocally than the other girls in that respect.

Vocal Fach: Soprano
Vocal Range: C#3-Bb5-D6
Supported Range: A3-Bb4/B4

Casted Singer: Luna Falls


Leigh-Anne has a light girly voice making her a Light-Lyric Soprano. Leigh-Anne's style comes off very aggressive, with a preference for hard, slightly gruff vocals. She tends to growl, which can provoke an edge to her voice. She also seems to use a more chesty mix which makes her voice a little harder as well. Overall Leigh-Ann is a stylistic singer who puts emphasis on emotional delivery.

Vocal Fach: Soprano
Vocal Range: D3-F#5-G#5
Supported Range: G#3/A3-A4/B4

Casted Singer: --


Jesy Nelson is the oldest member of the four. She is a light-lyric soprano with a vocal range spanning C#3 to C#6. The best way to describe Jesy is as a stylistic singer. Her choices tend to not emphasize her voice in the best ways but help her stand out as a singer. She sings with an airy unsupported quality to her voice, giving a very shallow tone. Also, her vibrato is very distinct, adding inflections to her singing. Because of the way Jesy sings, she isn't always the first one to get high notes, however, as of late she has been doing a lot more vocally to expand her repertoire. As the years have gone by, Jesy seems to get progressive more entranced into her singing style even to the point where she belts it starts coming off a little thinner than what it used to. This could be a sign of a regression.

Vocal Fach: Soprano
Vocal Range: Eb3-G5-C6
Supported Range: A3-Bb4

Casted Singer: --


Perrie Edward's is 1/4 of Brit Pop group Little Mix. Known for their harmonies and fun pop songs that express female empowerment. Perrie is regarded as the best vocalist in the group, bringing a deeper voice with belting prowess. That being said, it's kind of hard to figure out Perrie's voice, because it sounds like she is lowering her larynx to create a darker sound. When she does this, her sound becomes darker, slightly foggy, and in a simple way to phrase it, her singing can sound a little mushy. Perrie's style seems to be based around heavy-hitting vocals, big powerful, and well phrased. While she can do runs, it is not integral to her style, so she keeps them light as possible.

Vocal Fach: Soprano
Vocal Range: Eb3-Bb5-E6
Supported Range: G#3/A3-C5-G5

Casted Singer: --


1) Have a little knowledge on Little Mix and their songs. If you don't, don't audition.

2) Be kind and respectful to other people auditioning. Do not give feedback if they did not ask for any. It is disrespectful.

3) Have a discord! Discord will be our main way of communicating!!

4) If you audition that means you are willing to put in the commitment and time. If you can not do that then do not audition.

5) This is meant to be relaxed so do not stress yourself! The important thing is to have fun!

6) If you are not casted do not get an attitude with me. I will NOT cast anyone until I feel like it. I will cast all members at ONCE.

Thank You Note

I thank you for taking the time to read and take interest in this casting call. If you have any questions regarded this project comment or private message me. I will leave other ways of contacting me below. If you wish to join my server the link will also be below! People in my server will know about all of my projects before anyone else~ so if you wish to know what I have planned, everything will be there. Again I thank you for your time and have fun auditioning or have a great day! ♡

Contact Info

Email: lunacelestiafalls @ (It did a redacted if I didn't space it.)

Discord: LunaFalls#4159

Discord Server Link: 

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