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Czfjrod's Previously Completed Works

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    About Project Brian

    Intended to be a series consisting of a game and multiple SFM shorts.

    Full information at this Google doc


    A war is being conducted between the youth-run TSI and an evil army of monsters and mooks run by the overlord MBG.

    The TSI is an organization run largely by children and teenagers. The squad in question is the codifier, with some of its members closely tied to the history.

    MBG (aka The Shape) runs a corporate army in his name that has covertly invaded many different places in the Western world, in direct war with the TSI over territory and societal influence.

    The game is a top-down shooter that centers around battles where the TSI squad launches counter-invasions to reclaim bases from MBG, which are held by commanders able to place enemies and traps RTS-style, and then fight as the final boss.


    JS* Media is the personal label of Jacob “J*Rod” Salas, a media generalist with many ideas. Jacob is currently a community manager for Extra Credits and runs a number of websites and chatrooms.

    Jacob and his brother Brian came up with key elements of this concept in their youth, including the names of TSI and MBG, and the characters Jami and TNF, and are now seeking to cash in during their young adult years.



    • These are meant to be permanent auditions for characters expected to be in multiple installments. While success is not guaranteed, please keep this in consideration.

    • Must have a good recording setup with clean audio.

    • Expect a lot of action noises, and you may be expected to sing in a future installment.

    • Audition files should ideally be formatted 44.1 KHz wav/mp3 with filename of CharacterName_YourName_Line##.


    Auditions for the characters posted here on April 25 are due May 12, with priority callback for those who submit by May 7.

    Further characters posted here may have their own deadlines. Check back for more opportunities!


    Minimum pay is $5 per 500 words. Extra pay is negotiable based on experience and availability. Each session should average 600-800 words.

    PayPal only, and payments will be made at the first of each month.


    Further contact is preferred through Discord ( Availability in that server will be taken into consideration.

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold