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    About PrismProject (Mass Idol/Chorus Project) is looking for leaders

    Thank you for being interested in PrismProject!
    PrismProject is a mass idol/chorus with a concept inspired by AKB48 and Japanese idol entertainment companies.
    The Prism in the name is symbolic for all the variety we hope to have in the project, while still being one big team!
    One day we may release an idol song while on the other day we'll be covering a *totally edgy* vocalic song. Occasionally we also voice act a bit.
    The main focus of this group will be the subunits, that get formed within the group. They release Covers in Japanese, English and many other languages, like Korean, Chinese, Spanish, German etc.
    If you want to learn more about PrismProject please check out this link: *click*
    Please keep in mind that this is an OC based project, so upon joining you'll be required to make your own idol OC.
    This can't be your persona! Think of it like the idols in shows like Love Live and their CVs.

    Currently I'm looking to fill the Leader Position
    This means I'm searching for 4 people, that will help organizing the project!
    After everyone is casted, we'll finalize the project together (make a website, create all social media accounts, select the final logo, decide on the backstory etc.) and then open GEN1 Idol Auditions!
    Please keep in mind that, since we‘ll be working as a team in order to keep this project running, I might choose people that I think I can get along well with over people with the best voices.
    If you don’t get casted in this audition, please wait for the GEN1 idol auditions, as there are still more options to join our team!
    In the future we‘ll also be looking for staff members and trainees!

    - Have a good quality mic ( We want to reach a relatively high production level and want to make it easier for our mixers !)
    - Be abled to sing in Japanese (Other languages are a bonus, esp English, but Japanese is the minimum)
    - Be a responsible person and have a bit of time on your hand ( This is probably the most important point. Together we‘ll organize the whole project, so this should be self explanatory.)
    - You need to have a discord(/create one)!

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold