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Ron Mac Cormie's Previously Completed Works

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    About POSTCARDS - An Audiobook About First Dates And The People Who Go On Them

    David Halloran is no longer homeless, and frankly he has no idea how to make an honest living in this strange new place. Having been kicked out of his parents’ house, David lost everything from his family to his friends... except for one.

    Nina MacCullough is no longer trapped in the closet, and frankly she has no idea how relationships work. How do you find a woman in the wild? How do you live in the open while keeping your secret hidden from the parents who always seem to want to visit and hear about your life?

    How do you befriend a jaded old writer? How do you deal with a neurotic lesbian blogger nosing her way into your personal problems? How do you date straight and help hide someone who is on the opposite end of the spectrum? How do you tell your best friend that your first kiss meant a lot less than either of you meant it to?

    Based off of the album Night Falls Over Kortedala, by Jens Lekman, Postcards will be a multimedia collaboration posted as a story on Wattpad, and accompanied by a radio-play style video series on YouTube.

    Due to the amateur nature of this project, I won’t be too terribly demanding in terms of audio quality. Though we’ll reach our hands to the sky and attempt to surpass our boundaries, I don’t expect this to pass completely for professional in any regard besides the performances of our lovely TBD cast! Despite that, this will be a project to return to and continue with for a hot minute after production begins, so I expect a dedicated and willing cast of characters!

    That being said, I would love to get as many auditions as I can onto this page. I think that this project above all should be an open opportunity for anyone willing to participate, and I will try and be both fair and diverse in how I cast. Characters’ ethnicities and accents will be, for the most part, completely up in the air (despite the headshots for each character being white).

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold