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Beaucoup No Piko's Previously Completed Works

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    About Poorly convieved and even more poorly made abridged series #3760

    There's no character description for any of the roles, so just improvise and sound like the dub, because I'm an uncreative and unimaginative twatwaffle.  Make sure you have a good mic, and you put a lot of effort into this project, because I sure as hell won't. 

    If cast, email me at [redacted].  You probably won't ever see a script for this project, and if you do, it'll be riddled with spelling and grammatical errors that will make you want to bash my skull open with a dictionary. 

    If I even get to the editing stage, don't expect the mouth movement to match up with the voices.  It's not that I don't know how, there are several tutorials on YouTube after all, but rather because I'm too lazy.  I won't bother rendering the final product out in 1080p.  360p is for cool kids anyways.  But, everything will sound great, because there won't be any sound effects or background music at all.  Oh, and I use Moviemaker.  Big shock.  Wow.

    Anyway, cheers!

    About the Creator: beaucoup no piko

    I have a big, long, hard baguette that I bought from the supermarket today.  It will go nicely with my French Onion Soup.  Onhonhon!

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