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About Polly Pocket Trilogy Troll Dub

You're probably thinking, what the heck, why is this person wanting to do another version of the Polly Pocket movies? Answer: Because I want to troll people with new voices for all the characters, such as perhaps Polly being voiced by a man. We'll do a script reading live, in one take, leaving in all the mess ups and laughter. The movie is a very cheesy one, thus, I want to leave the script the exact same but have funny voices for all the characters. Plus, I want people that have not seen it before or for a really long time so they can improvise. I want this to be a fun improv experience for everyone involved in it. You'll also be, if wanted, added to the NostalgiaCrush team for future dubs of random movies and children cartoons. The dubs will be either on YouTube, if they are allowed, or added to Dailymotion or Vimeo in parts. I want to make a big community of voice actors associated with this so that we can have fun together and use voices you've never voiced before! The music AND sound effects will be voiced by people too. We will also stop and review the movies as we go if necessary to put them on YouTube. I'll interview each actor or actress after we record what they thought of the movie and how they'd rate it by asking them questions.


Age requirement is over 14 due to excess cussing perhaps in the improv by some of the people, maybe not though

Try not to watch it before we record

Have a discord

Anything else goes! Have fun!

There are 3 movies in this trilogy; Lunar Eclipse, 2 Cool At The Pocket Plaza, and PollyWorld. I will only add the characters for the next movie after the first movie is done. Each of the first two movies are 25 minutes long. Then we have PollyWorld which is around an hour and a half. So we need some commitment. I need some people with somewhat free schedules so that they can do calls for those lengths to record.

The name NostalgiaCrush comes from crushing people's childhood nostalgia for these movies with adult humor. I hope you enjoy!

I would have put pictures for everyone but there are no pictures available online of them.

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold