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    About Ruby's Dream

    Decided to try making a little roleplay thingy, so let's see how this goes.

    This story takes place in an alternate earth, where advancements in magic are made rather than technology. That said, child birth is a now feared tradition, as 75% of women who give birth pass away a day after. That's when numerous groups opened Orphanages, for all the children who don't have a mother. One of those children was Ruby; A girl who was born from an incredibly poor family.

    Alongside her was her best friend: A boy who she called Dream. He never revealed his true name, and said she could call him whatever she wanted. She went with Dream, stating that he made a promise to her to make all her dreams come true. Day after day, she would tell Dream all of her fantasies: Living like royalty, owning a kingdom, being rich, etc. He knew something like this would be hard, but he got some strange satisfaction from making Ruby smile. There were bad eggs in the Orphanage, and Dream acted like a protector for Ruby.

    Eventually, when Ruby turned 13, a noble couple comes to the orphanage looking to adopt a child. They come across both Ruby and Dream. Ruby was excited as they smiled at her, wondering if one of her dreams was about to become a reality. She was picked, however she was told that Dream couldn't come with her. After lots of convincing, Dream tells Ruby that it's okay, how he would eventually leave the Orphanage and come find her. He made a promise, and the two parted ways.

    A couple years later, and a group of demons emerged with the intent on ending Humanity's blood line. A large-scale war emerged, humanity losing, leaving everything up to the resistance groups throughout the world. The only person who stayed safe was Ruby, whom demons seemed scared of approaching.

    The Orphanage is eventually burned down, children and teens killed, and overseers abandoning the place. A day later, Dream awakened to the surrounding of burned wood and rubble. He looks up, seeing an old looking demon staring at him. This demon sees something in Dream, something important: What Dream truly is- a Homunculus. During the next year, Dream was trained by this old demon to become a successful thief.

    Now both characters are 18, and Dream decides to steal from the richest and most feared being known: The "Mortal Goddess". There were all kinds of stories told of her commanding the demon army, or how she is humanity's savior. Either way, Dream wanted money, and decided that he would stop at nothing to get it. After all, he needed to keep this promise to Ruby.

    A couple days later, he breaks into the mansion by accident, him quickly coming face-to-face with the Mortal Goddess. However, both the Mortal Goddess and Dream was shocked. The Mortal Goddess was Ruby the entire time.

    The story will then continue with the two forging a relationship, working together to end the Demon's forces and restore the world to what it once was.

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold