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About Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon Game Dub

As in previous games, the Cobalt is a human who has been transformed into a Pokémon child, and has appeared in a world inhabited only by Pokémon. The Cobalt has lost all memories of being a human, aside from the fact that they were human. Soon after this, the Cobalt is attacked by a trio of Beheeyem. In a bid to escape, the Cobalt encounters a Nuzleaf who helps the Cobalt escape the Beheeyem, bringing them to Serene Village and takes them in. As the Cobalt looks about schooling age, Nuzleaf has the Cobalt enrolled in the village school, where they meet the Mischief Pokémon. The Mischief is a mischievous troublemaker who has a dream of joining the Expedition Society and making a map of the entire known world. Together with the partner and classmates, the Cobalt has several adventures, some of which bring them in contact with Ampharos, who grants them Junior Expedition Society Badges (as children are not allowed to join, due to rules by the chief). The Mischief also shares their Harmony Scarves with the Cobalt - a pair of striped scarves found with the partner when the Mischief's adoptive father, Carracosta, discovered them.

Eventually, Nuzleaf leads the Cobalt and Mischief on an expedition to Revelation Mountain, a sacred location guarded by the villagers, in hopes of obtaining insight into the Cobalt's amnesiac condition. However, they are forced to abandon the expedition due to the Pokémon patrolling the area. Determined, the Mischief proposes to the Cobalt that they both leave the village for Lively Town and join the Expedition Society, despite their fellow villagers discouraging this. After a harrowing journey, the pair make it to Lively Town and meet the Expedition Society, discovering that Ampharos is actually its leader. Ampharos rescinds his rule banning children from joining and officially declares the Cobalt and Mischief members of the Society.

As the Cobalt carries out missions, they learn about rumors where Pokémon were found to have turned into stone. On one such expedition, they discover Latios and Latias's petrified bodies, having crashlanded after turning into stone in mid-air. They also encounter Entei, who believes the player to be somehow responsible. Shortly after, Ampharos leads the Society on an expedition to a volcanic island where Entei lives, to confirm his own suspicions about the rumors. In a battle with Entei, the Harmony Scarves suddenly resonate and cause the Cobalt and Mischief to evolve into their final forms (albeit temporarily), allowing them to hold Entei back until Ampharos arrives and declares a truce.

Some time later, written warnings begin appearing around town, declaring that Legendary Pokémon are the ones being targeted and the next victim will be Entei. The Society rushes to intercept the rendezvous, but Entei has already been petrified. Moreover, suspicion has now fallen on Krookodile, a local gangster. The Society splits into two investigative teams: one to research how to reverse the petrification, and one to pursue Krookodile. The Cobalt's pursuit team chases Krookodile up Revelation Mountain, meeting up with Nuzleaf in the process, discovering a shimmering lake at the summit protected by a pyramid-shaped barrier. The Mischief, deciphering ancient runes left nearby to everyone's surprise, reveals that only a human can break the barrier, and the other investigative team reports that the lake's Luminous Water is an antidote for the petrification. Just then, Krookodile shows up, as well as Raikou and Suicune who seek to avenge Entei's defeat. Forced to make a decision, the player breaks the lake's barrier, and Krookodile outs Nuzleaf as the one who paid him to write the warnings. Nuzleaf's demeanor changes, revealing himself to be the one responsible for the petrification incidents. Summoning Yveltal to his side, Nuzleaf turns the player's team, Krookodile, Raikou and Suicune into stone; elsewhere, the Beheeyem turn the other investigative team to stone as well.

The Voidlands

The Cobalt and Mischief awaken in a bleak landscape known as the Voidlands, where all Pokémon who are turned to stone are sent to. They manage to regroup with the other members of the Society, as well as the Legendary beasts and make their way through the Voidlands. Coming across various runes deciphered by the Mischief, they learn that an evil force known as Dark Matter is responsible for the current crisis: an embodiment of the darkness and negativity residing in all living things, which feeds off the energy of its victims, turning them to stone as a result. Dark Matter appeared in the ancient past, but was stopped before it could spread its influence and destroy the planet by possessing a landmark known as the Tree of Life. Some of the group are captured by Void Shadows, blob-like minions of Dark Matter capable of assuming the forms of Pokémon. The rest of the team manages to reach the Door of Light, a portal back to their world, heavily guarded by more Void Shadows. The rest of the group holds the Void Shadows back, allowing the Cobalt and Mischief to return to their world.

The Cobalt and Mischief wake up in their world, discovering that Nuzleaf has already stolen the Luminous Water, and most of Serene Village and Lively Town's populations have already been petrified. Ampharos, together with Society astronomer Jirachi, have done their own investigations on Dark Matter, and evacuated the shopkeepers into Society Headquarters. The Cobalt chances upon one of the Beheeyem from earlier and attacks him with the Mischief. The Beheeyem declares that he isn't an enemy; he managed to break free from Dark Matter's mind control which was prompting him to commit unspeakable acts. He reveals that he came to lead the way to the Tree of Life so the player can save it. Choosing to believe Beheeyem, the player and partner journey with Beheeyem to the Prehistoric Ruins, only to find that it is a trap by Nuzleaf. Nuzleaf reveals that the Cobalt once clashed with Dark Matter as a human, which is why the Beheeyem fought them to begin with; the Cobalt's amnesia apparently happened as a result of the Beheeyem's Psychic attacks. Nuzleaf had masqueraded as an ally so he could gain the Cobalt's trust and eventually be led to the Luminous Water, and destroy it so Dark Matter's plans can continue uninterrupted. Before Nuzleaf can petrify the player a second time, Ampharos appears with Jirachi and Celebi, the latter teleporting everyone to Primeval Forest where the Tree of Life is.

Celebi confirms that Dark Matter had once threatened the world by attempting to attack the Tree of Life, which would have resulted in the planet crashing into the Sun had the tree died, but was defeated due to the combined efforts of a human and Pokémon. The Cobalt is assumed to be the same human, now brought to their present world by the power of an ancient Pokémon, Mew, to defeat Dark Matter as it has resurfaced. The Harmony Scarves worn by the Cobalt and Mischief were made using materials from the Tree of Life; their temporary evolutions were triggered as a result of the Tree's power.

The Tree of Life

The group makes their way to the center of the forest, discovering that the Tree of Life has already been possessed by Dark Matter and is almost completely dead. Nuzleaf, the Beheeyem and Yveltal attack the group, who manage to defeat them and wrest their minds from Dark Matter's control. However, Dark Matter steals Nuzleaf's group away and uproots the Tree of Life, causing it to rise into the sky and eventually crash into the Sun. However, Arceus reaches out to the Cobalt and Mischief, revealing that Ampharos rallied together many allies, including the Legendary Deoxys, Rayquaza and Mega Mewtwo Y, to hold the Tree of Life in place and slow its ascent, as well as a flock of various Flying Pokémon to attack the Tree. Arceus sends the Cobalt and Mischief to the Tree's roots; in their evolved states, the pair make their way up the Tree, also freeing Nuzleaf's group in the process and urging them to escape.

Eventually, the two discover Dark Matter at the tree's core. Dark Matter brings them into a pocket dimension, and although they manage to break Dark Matter, they fail to destroy it completely. Dark Matter intensifies its power, killing the Tree of Life and reverting the Cobalt and Mischief to their original forms. Dark Matter sends out waves of darkness, petrifying all the Pokémon holding the Tree in place, and taunts the player for having nothing left to fight for. However, the Cobalt and Mischief realize that they still have the hope to keep on living, and begin striking at Dark Matter's regenerated barrier, soon joined by Yveltal, Nuzleaf and Beheeyem who seek to atone for their misdeeds. The voices of all petrified Pokémon flow towards the Cobalt, urging them not to give up, and eventually Dark Matter's protective shield breaks. Together with the Mischief, the Cobalt attacks Dark Matter's core and finally defeats Dark Matter. Before the Cobalt can destroy Dark Matter, Dark Matter threatens to resurface again in the distant future; since all Pokémon have darkness in their hearts, it can never be completely destroyed. To Dark Matter's surprise, the partner accepts this outcome, because if Dark Matter is borne from everyone's negativity, Dark Matter is a part of this world, too. The Cobalt and Mischief shatter Dark Matter's core in a final attack, which faintly thanks the player for their actions.

The Cobalt and Mischief are brought back to Primeval Forest, discovering that the Tree of Life has returned as well, but this time in its fully flourished state. Xerneas appears from the Tree as its embodiment, explaining that Dark Matter has now completely gone upon finally finding peace; all the Pokémon that were turned into stone have likewise been fully restored. The Cobalt and Mischief return to Lively Town and Serene Village, rejoicing and celebrating with their friends. However, the Cobalt realizes that if they saved the world in the past, they probably had to return to the human world at some point. Finding that they wish to stay in the Pokémon world with their Mischief, the Cobalt resolves to find a way that allows them to stay.

Before the Cobalt can tell the Mischief of their plans, the Mischief admits that Xerneas came to the Mischief and restored the Mischief's memories. The Mischief is actually a reincarnation of Mew, who fought Dark Matter with the Mischief in the distant past. However, they actually failed in their attempt, and so devised a plan to prepare future generations in the event Dark Matter ever returned, including the Luminous Water seal atop Revelation Mountain. Mew had wiped both their memories to prevent them from making the same mistakes that led to their failure in the past, and now that Mew has fulfilled its role, the partner has to leave the Cobalt forever. Rising into the sky in a ball of light, the Mischief thanks the Cobalt for all the times they had together and disappears, saddening the Cobalt.


Some time later, the Cobalt has continued working for the Expedition Society but remains despondent over the Mischief's fate. Ampharos advises the Cobalt consult Xatu on how to restore the Mischief. The Cobalt finds Xatu at the Sand Dune of Spirits, who describes a vision involving Mew but claims to be unable to decipher the rest of the vision. With this lead, the Cobalt finds Mew at the Mystery Jungle, who has no recollection of its past life or any idea who the Cobalt's Mischief is, but decides to join the Expedition Society and work with the Cobalt. The Cobalt and Expedition Society warm up to Mew, who begins exhibiting behaviors similar to the Mischief's.

After a few adventures, the Cobalt wakes up at Serene Village after another episode of amnesia, eventually recalling that Mew had fallen ill; based on Ampharos and Xatu's advice, the Cobalt had taken Mew to Serene Village, but the Cobalt was attacked by unknown assailants and Mew was kidnapped. The Cobalt learns from Ampharos that Mew's abductor left a note, claiming that Mew must be sacrificed in Purifying Cave to remove the last fragments of Dark Matter still in the world. The Cobalt goes on an expedition to the dungeon to rescue Mew, finding that Nuzleaf and the Beheeyem are responsible. Nuzleaf claims that they did so to prevent Dark Matter from ever coming back, and Mew begins to glow with light and seemingly fade away. Reminded of the Mischief's departure, the Cobaltv refuses this, not wanting to say goodbye again. At this, the Cobalt's Harmony Scarf begins glowing, combining with the light surrounding Mew, which restores the Mischief.

Ampharos, Mawile, and Xatu appear, admitting that the "kidnapping" was all a set-up. Xatu had already foreseen the events; the set-up was a test to prove the Cobalt's desire for the Mischief's return. Nuzleaf and the Beheeyem volunteered to play the role of kidnappers in order to atone for their part in the crisis. With everything resolved, the Cobalt and Mischief return to the Society, while Nuzleaf and Beheeyem are accepted in Serene Village as villagers, and Mew returns to Mystery Jungle but remains an ally of the Cobalt.

Discord: Mukmai61#7607

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