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Fighter Nub's Previously Completed Works

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    About Pokemon Abridged Stupid Series (PASS) Episode 1


    Hola, this gonna be a Pokemon Abridged series (Duh). I'm helping make a new YouTube channel with Abridge series called "DubsNotSubs" . Everyone is welcomed so as long as you have a decent mic, and have no background noise or static or any reverb, See down below for further Detail. Please feel free to use as many takes as you wish, to play with different voices and such. So Good luck with your auditions Amigo's and Amiga's.

    **For those that are auditioning I will only accept auditions with good quality microphones, So if you're interested and have a USB or Headset Microphone or even a Phone for a Microphone , you will not I repeat WILL NOT be qualified for this role even if you have a very amazing voice I am sorry, no exceptions.**

    If you do have a Good quality Microphone and are still interested in these roles, then I have a few other requirements such as


    (record in a clean and quiet place with little to no background noise, for example, air conditions, fans, electronics, anything generates noise, etc)

    (Make sure the area you record in doesn't produce echoes or unwanted reverb, for example, recording in a hallway, gym, closet without patting, etc )

    **POP FILTER**
    (If you do not own one I suggest you get one their fairly cheap, or just use double layer of socks or anything that prevents your p's and B's from destroying the recording, this is very IMPORTANT)

    (Make sure you have the time for this project, time is very important, I don't wish to waste your time so don't waste mine either if can't afford the time. Not trying to be rude.)


    Make your recording in a ".Wav" file NOT  ".MP3" JUST ".WAV" & name it (username)_Claudette_Morel

    Make sure your sample Rate is 4100(Hz) - 4800(Hz) I will accept nothing more less than these.

    Also, please record it in a stereo NOT in Mono



    A good microphone to me would be any Condenser Microphone (some USB are acceptable)


    Skype- thefighternb2
    Discord- https://discord.gg/wCAdhCe
    Gmail- thefighternb2 (just add the @ and gmail.com)

    If you have any question just ask, these are some of the primary ways to contact me.

    About the Creator: FighterNub

    I am very chill person unless i play certain games like multiplayer game (MMORPG), I am finishing up High School**Finished and got my Degree** and going work to get my Degree in multimedia, or computer information technology. I want to be an Animator or Voice actor for a full time job but for now i will strive for an average life of working and having a biut of free time in the afternoon or morning which ever comes first. I love Anime, drawing, desiging, movies, acting, and filming, i also lik to play instruments but im only good at the gutair for now. I work hard when i have a goal, I always do my best if the outcome is benfiting for me. I admit i am not the best talker or writer or have the best grammar at times but you got to have some weakness and stregth's right? overall im a good worker love and like a lot of things, i have goals and dreams, and last but not least i hate beans. thats about it for rough summary.

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold