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    About Pokemon XY Abridged

    Hey there, my name is DeWarioFreak, but my real name is Anthony. I am here looking for your assistance in my new abridged series that I will post on YouTube, Pokemon XY Abridged!

    Pokemon XY Abridged will be a series where I take video footage from the "Pokemon The Series: XY" but remove the voices and audio, and replace it with new audio, particularly new voices for comedy and criticism. It will follow an episodic format, and be shorter than the original series. The series will contain strong language, potentially controversial humor,  sexual humor and content, and content in that vain, so be aware.

    I will be creating this series once I reach 5,000 YouTube subscribers. I currently have around 3.4 thousand and gain several a day, so it isn't far off. I want to get a head start on things, which begins with me getting your help!

    Keep in mind, if you are cast for a character in this series, it will not only be for Episodes in this series, but also little clips and such as the same character role.

    What I need of you:
    What I ask of you, is to have a high quality microphone. You don't need a $900 microphone, but it should still sound good. Whatever you use, as long as there isn't hissing noise in the background, and it's decent quality, it's good with me/

    I'll need you to have Discord, so I can contact you, and potentially live direct you for lines.

    I also need you to be patient. The moment you're cast, I won't 100% likely have lines for you. Probably within a decent amount of time however. Still, it could be a while, so I ask you to please be patient.

    Lastly, I need you to be dedicated. I want you to be just as into this project as I am. I want you to be eager with me and the rest of the crew about new episodes and productions, and become our friend!

    Of course, I promise to be kind, understanding, and help you with your role in this project as well! I don't just want your talent, I want your friendship!

    I also want to potentially give you more roles than the one you got, to help you out in you're career, and help my series have more voice roles covered! You don't have to do more roles than what you auditioned for, but it would be cool!

    In conclusion, I need your help for an abridged series, and I want you as a dedicated member of the series and potentially my team.

    Never at all feel obligated to audition (that should be obvious). If for whatever reason you are cast, but no longer can do the voice later on, it is totally understandable and I respect it.

    Either way, thanks! I hope you enjoy this Casting Call, considering auditioning, and have a great day!

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold