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Little Sophie's Previously Completed Works

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About Poison Club! In need of Video editors, audio mixers and translators!

Hello and welcome to Poison!

I'm the Ceo Yuuki, nice to meet you!

🌸What is Poison Club? 🌸

Poison Club is a Entertainment that covers Anime Songs, Kpop Songs and Video game songs!

We will mainly cover the songs in English. Depending on the members, we will maybe cover some songs in the original language!

This is an Anime Oc based Entertainment. We will not using Faceclaims from Idols, we will design our own Idols!

The Oc design is from a Mobile game called Hiliy's dress up. The recolored design is from  @classy drawing

🌸Requirements? 🌸

-have a good mic

-meet deadlines! =really important

-be at least over 13 Years old

This is for fun only, but please take the project seriously and try not to leave the project. Since we are doing Oc's, it would be hard to find a replacement. 

We are looking for Audio Mixer, video editors, lyrics translator 

Vocalist (Video game) 

Also, have in mind that you will sometimes have to voice act your role, like for the introduction! 

🌸How do the Auditions work? 🌸

Please send a at least 30 second audition. 

Please also write your stage name, age and what hair and eye color your Oc should have. 



About the Creator: Little_sophie

I don't know what to write! XD

Well... I'm female and I'm living in Germany.. XD I'm an otaku, a kpop fan and a gamer girl.. My Favorite Voice actor is Kaji Yuuki. He's an Japanese voice actor and super cute! You know his voice from the following Anime
-attack on titan 
-the seven deadly sins 
- my hero Academia
- Noragami

I start voice acting because... Well... 

I'm following a YouTuber called : wight (creator of the creepypasta Ani the wight) and she looked for some voice actors for her new Comic Dub.... I LOVE to voice acting! Well... To acting in generell XD I'm at a Theater  course and I'm really enjoying it to be a part of the course.. I Love to act like a other person, that's why I wanted to start cosplaying ^^"  so.... Yeah.. XD 
I think that's enough.. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me some ^^ 
I also started to sing a little^^
See ya~

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold