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Sayomiya's Previously Completed Works

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    About Pinnae 【Love Live/Vocaloid/Jpop Idol Group】


    This is Pinnae, a RPG-themed net idol group that will be featuring an original plot and story! We're planning to cover songs from Love Live, Vocaloid, and even elsewhere in Japanese!

    Please note that we are Instagram-based (our account is @pinnae.idols) so you will need to have an Instagram account.

    We are a 7 member group and are currently looking for 6 vocalists as well as artists, mixers and animators! There will be 6 available RPG classes to choose from and they are:








    The presence of magic has existed for centuries in the world of Salvo, many people using them with daily chores, some even implementing it into combat.
    Once ravaged by a fearsome war spearheaded by the Otherworldly Evil that reduced the beautiful world, the God has blessed the people with an item while They faded into the background, observing activities behind the scenes.

    This was its most beloved relic: an ancient item that banished the Evil and the only thing preventing its return.

    However, the relic is now broken and that was enough to shake the now fragile plane off balance, the Evil returning to plague the world with war once more. Negative energy was spread across the world with its return, creating more tension among the citizens.

    Using its last bits of energy given by the God, the relic fell into the hands of people with good hearts in hopes that it may one day be repaired and restored.

    The chosen were given a message through the little magic remaining: a vague “longing” to go to the capital where the core still stood.

    So, pulled together by an invisible string, they managed to come together after some time, but realised that just their presence was not enough. Thus they start their real journey towards the Capital where their only communication with the God of this world awaits...

    The details for all the roles will be listed under the roles themselves!

    Thank you and good luck!

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold