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    About Persona - A New Future - Audio-Book - Series

    Hello everyone! This is the Persona  Audio Book! We're back in business, and now, we're going to push ourselves to the limit, and make this project the best Persona project on the web! Are you ready?! Let's go!

    So, Here are the requirements to be apart of this project!

    Mic Quality - Good to high quality mics! Don't worry about background noise, we have mixers on this project for a reason!

    Can you meat the deadlines? Haha? Get it? No? Alright.. - Willing to 'meat' deadlines within a span of a month. Weekly deadlines happen when there's skit and other events for this project. So, if you're either in school or college, you will automatically be given extensions. What are extensions? Where we give you more time to get the lines in. That all depends on the situation. Yes, i did say school and college students, and possibly people that work can get extensions, but time management is the key!

    That's all for the requirements, now, for the details of this project!

    Details! ~

    So, if you're wondering what's this project's about, this is a story where previous and new protagonist from the Persona series, ban together, and stop the evil that's ruling the world! Can you step up to the plate, and help out these heroes?! Will the triumph, or fail?! Let's find out! This is an audio drama. Audio Drama are stories that audio only and a lot of sound effects being placed within the recording! So, there you have it?! I'm excited, and I hope you are as well! Now, let's break out, and get out there! We're going to do our best! Now, We have a line up on what we will be using for this project. We'll list them now!

    Voice Actors of the Velvet Room~ We need voices! So, let's make it happen!

    Velvet Production - If you can make music, then how about auditioning for the music production role? This where you can help make original ost for this project! We have many already, but nothing wrong with more!

    Script Writer - This is where you simply can help out with the script writing process of the whole story, and even future scripts for the project! It's a task that you have to put time into! So, with that being said, Good Luck!

    Persona Editors - Hello, we definitely need you guys! You guys get to help out the script writers, to make sure they don't make any grammatical errors! So, the actors don't throw soda cans at us! They're so mean~ :-: (Joking)

    Persona Researchers - You guys get to help out with the editors and script writers, and do research from previous Persona games, and other stuff throughout the world, to help the story flow better~  

    Persona Singer - Where you can sing to your hearts content! Or, at least when you get this role. Multiple people can get this role! You will be here making songs with us together and possibly covers!

    Now, we have a Discord Server, and we're almost close to 300 members! Let's make it happen! This will be updated, so, you can possible see the roles of the server! I'll ask the main guy more information on that later.

    So, that's all for now! Thank you for reading! Now, let's get started! Let's see you all here! We're the hottest Persona project on the web!

    Here's Our Discord Link!

    We're a loving and welcoming family! Let's have some fun! 

    Rules of the Disocrd!

    So, once you decided to hop into the server, make sure you say hello to everyone. Usually, you will be greeted by staff members. They will greet you, as so. "Hello! Welcome to the server! What brings you here?" Like that. You answer their question, and you enjoy the server.

    We're a very kind and friendly environment to not just actors, to everyone. Everyone is allowed to enter the server, regardless if you have a role or not. We're the open to people. Make sure you come in with a smile!

    That's all for now! Have a great day!

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold