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    About Percy Jackson / Heroes of Olympus Animatic

    Percy Jackson fans Unite! I am planning to create a Percy Jackson animatic. No full animation, I'm not that good, but as you can tell from the project picture and roles underneath I can digitally draw.

    So! Onto this topic! Since none of us are quite... *ahem* happy with the MOVIE... Why not create small clips of animatic off of the book? However, I do need voice actors to help me with many of the parts. It's never going to become a full animation (maybe) but it's going to be enough of an animatic to be awesome. Best of all, YOU GUYS get to decide which scene from which book we're doing first!

    However, there are some requirements you must meet.

    - Have a good quality mic (no duh)

    - Understand the characters well, because there are no cannon voices for them

    - Be able to make your characters sound a bit younger if needed. We are doing clips from different books, so it may change!

    - STAY TILL THE END. In which case there is no end, then... Welcome to the fandom for all eternity!

    - Have a Skype, or make a Skype account. If you really can't for some reason, then I'll accept email, but I don't check it often so Skype is a FAR better choice.

    - Feel free to audition for more than one character!

    Heroes of Olympus, Percy Jackson series, Trials of Apollo (that is still undetermined), we've got a lot of work for us, fellow Demigods. Show me what you've got!

    P.S if you make music (soundtracks, themesongs, etc.) you are also welcome! Upload a file of your own. Remember: The music you produce MUST be original to avoid copyright. The more the merrier!

    P.P.S Me, personally, I will be voicing some of the background characters and Bianca di Angelo, but everyone else will be taken.

    P.P.S The moment 10 people audition for a role, I will have the right to cast them before the deadline. If a character has less than 10 by August, then I will take my pick from what I have. If there are no auditions/ if the auditions aren't satisfactory, I will have the right to cast them to the extras/ one of the other characters. Remember that I have people who audition that are NOT on Casting Calls.

    Total People : Average of 12-16 (some people can be recruited for multiple roles)

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold