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About Paper Mario: The Temple of the Sun (Fangame)- Call 1.1

Paper Mario: The Temple of the Sun is a wonderful story. An artfully crafted, amazing fan-created tale that takes the example of the previous Paper Mario games and creates something entirely new from it. I myself have read and reread it time and time again, and always wondered what it would be like to be actually playing through the story. After receiving permission from the author, I can finally say that my (and probably many others') dream will come true.

Presenting- The Temple of the Sun Fangame! (Yay!)

As I want this to be the best it possibly can be, I'm going to take it as seriously as I can. So I'm asking for a full cast- an entire team to make this thing as beautiful as it can get! This will require a lot of different things from a variety of people. 

So, to ensure that we get the best and largest possible group of people, there will be two different casting calls. One will run from April 16th to August 1st, and the second from August 2nd to November 1st. Any roles that are filled in the first call will still be open in the second casting call, to collect understudies and whatnot.

Here's a basic overall requirement list for EVERYONE:

-You will need a decent internet connection and must be able to respond to emails within a month.

-You will need to complete the tasks given to you within the timeframe given.

-You must have a Discord or a Skype account. 

-You must be willing to work with at least one other person, minimum.

-You must be willing to wait up to two whole years (At worst) to begin work. This is especially true of the alpha/beta testers.

And that's it! Work will officially begin in November, after we finish making the final callbacks and confirmations. 

Here's a more detailed requirement list for each job.


-Must be willing to email people up to four times a day if necessary

-Must be able to present proof of progress whenever asked

-Must be able to ensure that the people in your department are actually getting the work done and are communicating when need be

-Must be able to make a weekly progress report to the Executive Director including all team members and the progress they've made.


-Must have a way of creating sprites and images with a transparent background. 

-Must be able to provide samples of this and other digital art fitting the role, or something close to it. If you have nothing that fits, a prompt has been provided for you to draw/make.

-Must be willing to work on a deadline.

-Must be willing to report to the director honestly and present proof of progress when asked.

-Must be able to send sprites/images to other artists when asked.

-Must be able to work with a prompt.

-Must be able to draw in the Paper Mario style, or something similar.


-Must be able to create a word prompt into a fitting image.

-Must be able to draw the characters needed.

-Must have some knowledge of what certain, preexisting characters look like.

-Must be willing to accept when a concept needs tweaked or changed.

-Must be able to work on a deadline.


-Must be willing to reread through the entirety of the Temple of the Sun and recreate your assigned portion(s) into a usable script.

-Must be willing to actively work with other scriptwriters to keep the tone of the script similar overall.

-Must be willing to work on a deadline.

-Must be able to present the final script on a fully typed document, in .rtf, .txt, .doc, .docx, or other approved document file type. 


-Must be able to work with the program we'll be working with. (Probably a form of RPG Maker. I'll tell you all which one when I've decided (aka when I've got a computer again).)

-Must be willing to fix any bugs and errors the alpha/beta testers will find within a two-month timeframe.

-Must be willing to communicate regularly with all the other programmers.

-Must be able to implement the graphics as needed and able to create visual effects with them if need be.

-Must be able to provide a full example of past experience with coding, game production, and or RPG Maker (of any form).

-Must be willing to work on a deadline.


-Must be willing to wait to start work.

-Must be willing to run through the game several times if need be. Possibly, up to 10 times.

-Must be willing to record any bugs or issues that occur, and how you got the bug to start.

-At least 10 must be willing to record their entire experience with the game, but should not stream it until the final version is released. They can stream during the alpha/beta phase, but must warn viewers that the game may be using placeholder textures or other things.

-Must be willing to test the game with any controller we ask, if need be.

-Must be willing to play on a (loose) deadline.


-Must be willing to work with the directors and anyone else we ask.

-Must be willing to make small changes when needed.

-Must be willing to share sheet music and/or recorded synthesized music with the director when needed.

-Must be willing to work on a (loose) deadline.

-Must be willing to work with any other composers.


-Must be willing to wait up to two years to begin work (worst case scenario).

-Must be willing to create all possible sounds and lines given to you.

-Must be willing to adjust tone, infliction, accent, and/or any emphasis on command.

-Must be able to work on a deadline.

-Must have a decent microphone with little to no background noise, and little to no roofing. (Roofing, simply put, is when the volume goes so loud the speakers cannot project loud enough and begin to make a terrible flatline noise.)

-Must be able to edit audio where needed.


-Must be willing to do audio and visual searches to ensure what we are making does not resemble any other premade media, with exceptions to Nintendo. Still must ensure that the media we create is not too close to anything else.

-Must be willing to perform extensive searches and whatnot when asked.

-Must be able to compile any possible similar media with the media you feel it is copying.

-Must be willing to work on a deadline.

And just in case you haven't read the story yet, here it is!

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold