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About [PAID] Dear Boss Ep 1 - Jack the Rip-off

Hatchfund Fundraiser <-- Click here
Rules for Auditioning:

- This is going on Audible, so there are some specific requirements for audio. This means your recordings will have to be 44khz 16-bit mono WAV files. This is a must in order to work with Audible's system and formatting guidelines, so please make sure you can meet this requirement when it comes time to record the episode itself.
- No internal mics for this one. Sorry. You don't necessarily have to have a top-of-the-line $500 mic and fancy recording setup, but the audio does have to be clean. No tinny noises, peaking/clipping, puffs, reverb, or any of that stuff. And none of this "I'm working with what I have" or "I have a better mic, I promise." If you have a better mic, prove it. I'm not going to believe you unless you do. Sloppy audition audios will automatically be rejected.
- As this is a paid project, you'll need a PayPal account to receive your payment. You'll get 25% upfront when we send out the script (timing subject to successful completion of the Hatchfund) and the rest of it will be paid once all audio is received, reviewed, and up to standard.
- We're gonna need your real name for the credits. If this makes you uncomfortable, then don't audition. Usernames and aliases won't cut it for this one.
- Anyone who auditions may be cast in other roles if needed.


Dear Boss
is a multi-episode romantic suspense set in the fictional town of West Haven, Michigan, on the shores of the lake. It's a small place and usually very quiet - but lately, someone has begun to murder local teenagers. And they seem to be imitating the infamous Jack the Ripper killings. They're even sending out taunting letters addressed to 'Dear Boss.'

Tanner Broden is the relatively new police chief receiving these letters. He has his hands full trying to keep the peace in a town that's becoming increasingly anxious as the killer continues to remain unidentified. But at least he has help - a new transfer and old friend, Nemika Worthington, who's come to town specifically to help investigate the case.

But things are more complicated between the two officers than they appear. Unexpected circumstances force both of them to face their demons, and they're going to need each other's help to make it out in one piece.

To give you a basic feel for the story, take a look at this video:

Additional Info:

I'm not going to disclose here how much each VA will be paid, as I don't want to influence who auditions for what - but rest assured, you will be compensated for your trouble. Those details will be discussed with individual VAs once the cast has been decided. Certain cast members will also receive information about their characters that we want kept quiet until our audio group chooses to make it public. We won't require an NDA or anything - we only ask that you refrain from telling too many people. This info contains some major spoilers, and we don't want it getting around just yet. The purpose of giving this information is to allow the voice actors to better understand their character's motives and how they behave.

Some characters' audition info will include a play-by listed under their name. This story started out as a forum roleplay and we had chosen certain celebs to represent the characters. This info is there so auditioners can have an idea of the character's general appearance and possibly how they would sound. That doesn't mean we're looking for imitations or that not sounding like the chosen actor is an automatic deal breaker. It's mentioned mostly for reference.

In addition to monetary compensation, all cast members will receive a free copy of the episode they appear in as an additional thank you. It'll be sent to your email via WeTransfer once it's completed.

Be aware that there is occasional swearing in the scripts.

= main
= recurring
# = minor/extra

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold