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  • Audio Engineering
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  • Creating Manga and Webcomics
  • Improvisation

Sagerrett's Previously Completed Works

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    About PACIFIC REALM a Minecraft Machinima Series

    Welcome! I am so glad you are interested in this project, it originated as a fun story I wanted to tell 5 years ago when i was bored in class,  now it has evolved into a 2-3 season story all based off the movies PACIFIC RIM. These Plot of these Movies are simple: monsters called Kaiju make they're way into our world through a portal called the breach and so humans created monsters of they're own called Jaegers named after German hunters they defeat the monsters at they're door

    This Machinima will follow its own world an universe separate from the movies with its own origins and endings. PACIFIC REALM will be a Project fully filmed in MINECRAFT JAVA EDITION though voice actors don't need Minecraft unless you want to be a body actor As well. Fight Scenes between Kaiju and Jaegers will be entirely be animated.

    So if your interested audition and ill see you later


    P.S these are not the final renders of each skin they will be HD later down the line

    About the Creator: sagerrett

    Hi i'm SAGERRETT. Youtuber with almost 600 Subscribers! I do voice acting and I'm currently working on a few different minecraft roleplay series of my own, and I need your help!

    Pacific Realm: Is my main series and if your casted good chances you'll be in my next series, whatever they may be...

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