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    About Overwatch machinima (Deadline 20th of November)

    Do you love Overwatch? Do you like random humor? Do you wanna try your hand at distinctive and accented voices? Can I marry you? (that was a joke)

    If any of the above applies to you, why not audition for an Overwatch machinima series? While I intend to start with small sketches and expand with available VAs, the amount of viewers, means, experience and so on, I will note that I will finish a 28 episodes Mass Effect machinima in a couple of months (currently we are awaiting the last voice lines for Episode 25), so I have notable experience in editing, voice acting, machinima puppeteering, using recording and flycam tools, finding royalty-free music, scriptwriting and juggling all the former tasks. For an example, you can view this trailer:


    Now as for the auditions, we are looking for people who can emulate the voices of Overwatch characters as closely as possible. We realize the match will never be perfect and we mostly make these sketches for fun anyway. Yet, do try to get as close as possible. Links for reference voice lines will be provided. Overwatch players can also mail me if they want to help body act or just play with the Sorry Lancers (a group founded by myself (Lasernought) and Hancke).

    This thread will be a bit different from most threads: instead of trying to get 23 okayish VA’s for all the characters in Overwatch right off the bat, I’d like to put one or two characters at a time and have auditionees really focus on the one or two we’re looking for. Hopefully this will result in some dazzling auditions!

    So who’s up first? Everyone’s favorite cyborg gunslinger, McCree!

    SCRIPT in role description.

    Please send your auditions to [redacted]

    Deadline: 20th of November 2016.

    *Technical details of machinima for anyone who’s interested:

    Things to note are that we won’t be using cinematics or lipsyncing in our planned Overwatch machinima series, as cinematics are limited and lip movement is not present in the Overwatch game at this time. Flycam tools are however vastly better than in Mass Effect games and the 12-man roster in a PvP setting is a huge improvement over 4-man PvE where one person had to trap the last enemy of a Horde mode wave.

    About the Creator: inventorofthebizarre

    A machinima maker and creator of The Lazy Effect, which so far includes audio and video editing, directing, filming, choreographing, script writing and voicing the lead role due to circumstances.

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold