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    About Our Hide Away

    Our Hide Away | A Minecraft Story


    Hello my name is Ashton (or Ash). I am making this series with my production team. I will also be accepting members for my production team through this casting call as well. I've wanted to make a story like this for a while and I can't wait to finally see it become the roleplay I imagined it to be and I can't wait to start working with you! Please read the whole description to find everything you need to know about this roleplay. Have fun auditioning!

    Story Plot

    Our Hide Away is a Minecraft roleplay centered around a group of supernatural human beings with great abilities. These abilities include fire manipulation, speed, mind control, and healing just to name a few. This group once lived a very normal life even with these abilities. One day one of these beings killed their wife and children and fled the country. Every since then, Phoenixes were known as evil humans who are monsters because of the power that they possess. As of now, there are only 9 Phoenixes left of the big population it once was. They have to fight their way to freedom if they ever want to live in peace again.

    About Our Hide Away

    Our Hide Away is an action and adventure roleplay. I am intending on there being many fight scenes between the Phoenixes and the humans. The story will start off with the Phoenixes on the verge of losing another member before they are healed. The first episode will contain a fighting scene between the Phoenixes and the humans.  That is the first of many other fighting scenes to come. I am thinking about having 15-25 episodes in the first season of this series. If the series goes well, then I might make a Season 2 containing some of the characters from season 1 and more. Our Hide Away will be coming out on my YouTube channel and a schedule will be made of how many episodes will come out in a month.

    Roles/Jobs That I Am Looking For

    I will be accepting Voice Acting Applications, Body Acting Applications, Building Applications, Art Applications, Writing Applications, and Skin Making Applications. If there is more jobs and roles that I may need done in the future I will make an update to this casting call.

    Requirements to join the Crew

    • You Must Be 10+ Years of Age. I want my crew to at least be able to understand what is going on and understand the scripts distributed. You will have a two weeks to turn in lines after the script has been given.
    • Turn in All Lines/Work in on Time. If you need any help with your work then please contact me via DM's on Discord also if you know your going to turn in lines or any other work late, then also tell me in advance.
    • For Builders/Body Actors: Have Minecraft. For Voice Actors this is optional but if you want to be in MiniGames then please have Minecraft.
    • Have Discord. Discord is going to be our main source of communication. We will have an official Our Hide Away server for only that series. Please be active on the discord when receiving lines and announcements.
    • Commit to the Roleplay. I know we all have lives and many of us have different household rules, but if you know your not going to have time for this roleplay, then save yourself from the embarrassment and don't apply. 
    • Be Nice to the Crew. You have to be nice to the people you are working with, or else your job is most likely going to be dreadful.
    • Follow all the Rules of the Discord Server.
    • If you get casted, check your DM's on Casting Call. If I cast you, I will send you a DM through Casting Call to let you know and to get your discord name and tag. Please check those every once and a while.
    • Have fun. This rule is self-explanatory.

    Benefits and Platforms

    This roleplay will be uploaded on my YouTube channel. The link to it is found in my introduction. That is the only source I will be uploading it on.

    That's all and have fun auditioning! Also if you have any questions about a specific role or rule, then please feel free to send me a private message on casting call.

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold