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Mister Takosuke's Previously Completed Works

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    About Osomatsu-San Abridged

    Casting Call!

    Annie Scarlet and Mister Takosuke are working together to create an abridged series parodying the lovely anime known as Osomatsu-san!  In order to complete this series however, we are going to need people to play the characters in the series.  

    There are six main characters (the sextuplets) that will appear in pretty much every episode listed down below with their archetypes:

    • Osomatsu - Normie/Protag

      • All around, Osomatsu is a pretty bland, does-everything individual that has nothing really special about him.  The typical boring protag.

    • Karamatsu - Colorblind Punk

      • Karamatsu is depicted as a leather jacket-toting weirdo that thinks he’s a badass complete with the sunglasses.  We have also made him colorblind so he is going to have a hard time telling the difference between Osomatsu and Choromatsu.

    • Choromatsu - Koreaboo/Otaku

      • Choromatsu is going to be our cringey manga/anime fan who’s obsessed with idols and waifus.  What more can you say?

    • Ichimatsu - Furry

      • Ichimatsu is a huge fan of cats in the anime and even goes so far as to dress like them making him perfect for the furry role.

    • Todomatsu - Gay

      • Here is our gay character.  He’s a very proper dresser who is a big fan of being flaming.

    • Jyushimatsu - Crackhead

      • As a very intense drug addict, Jyushimatsu is a very hyperactive, always smiling individual with a terrifying tendency to have super strength.  He also really likes baseball!

    While the main focus of the anime is this group of six brothers, the show is not without its side characters.  To audition for this role, just act like a side character!  Check out the Osomatsu-san wiki for how the characters look: http://osomatsukun.wikia.com/wiki/Osomatsu_Wiki Here is a list of the characters needed:

    • Mom - Matsuyo

    • Dad - Matsuzo

    • Iyami

    • Dekapan

    • Chibita

    • Totoko

    • Dayon

    • Hatabou

    Requirements/Tips for Auditioning:

    If you would like to audition feel free to contact Mister Takosuke or Annie Scarlet via Twitter or Discord.  Contact info will be given below.

    Twitter:                                Discord:

    @MisterTakosuke                        MisterTakosukeKun#0588

    @AnnieDarkScarle                      AnnieDarkScarlet#2747

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