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Cds Divine's Previously Completed Works

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    About Original Album- Singers & Musicians

    Hello everyone!
    My name is Divine! Currently I'm working on an album. It's an all original, Hip Hop/Rap music album. It's gonna have a mix between Nas, Chance The Rapper, Kanye West, Kendrick Limar, and Tyler, The Creator type feel to the album, for they are my inspiration.  But it's mainly gonna be Nas/Chance/Kanye vibe. I have someone making my beats (well some) and some singers. I'm making the lyrics, but if anyone wan't to help (chorus wise) they can! 
    But here is where you come in
    I was hesitant to making this in the first place, but decided it would be nice. I'm trying to look for new talent that deserves the exposure and a place to really show their creative genus. Just like me, I believe there is talent that deserves a shot! I'm looking for talented musicians and singers!

    What they do
    Musicians: This is important! I feel in some music, it lost it's way with how rich and amazing natural music can sound being played, oppose to making it all on the computer. I'm looking for that raw and amazing talented really to help bring alive some of the songs. I'm looking for talented musicians to help make the real sound to some songs, basically the beat to it. Instead of making everything on the computer. I'm looking for anything as far as Piano Players, to Trumpet players. Any musical instrument.  

    Singers: I'm basically looking for some really talented singers with a beautiful voice to help bring alive some songs on my album. So if you are interested in singing and feel confident with you voice, then audition! 

    -Good Mic Quality
    -Able to record on your end (if not we can work something out)
    -If musician, being able to write or make your own music (or at least help bring an idea of mine to life)
    -Skype and/or discord
    Anyway, thank you for your time! The deadline is for whenever I start process, not necessarily what it says now. And if you auditions, number 1 thing, PLEASE COMMIT. Please don't say you wanna do this, and a couple of weeks in opt out. Thank you all so much! And have a wonderful day!

    About the Creator: CDSDivine

    Hello everyone and welcome!

    This is gonna be a journey of me, Divine, a young teenager tying to make it as a rapper. I thank all you who will support me and already do! 

    You can listen to my demo reel, which has terrible covers, original songs coming soon!

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold