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    About Optical Perspective - Sims 2 Series

    This series is a collaboration between MissFaithSims and myself. She is the writer/storymaker behind it and I'm the filmer/editor!

    My channel:

    MissFaithSims' channel:

    Plot: Taryn Joyce (last name was wrong in the video!) is a photographer and ever since she was a child she has seen the world around her in an illuminated and vivid way. That was, until her mother and father vanished off the face of the world one day. Her muse and reason to photograph slipped through the cracks when the investigation got them nowhere and remained a mystery. Everything in her life seemed to dim and dull out, until a new kid showed up at her high school - suddenly her world exploded with color.

    General audition lines are supplied with all the females & males; this means if you want to audition, you only have to audition once. If you'd like to change your tone for each character, please audition separately as needed! :]

    More information can be found here!

    Rules from the doc above (IMPORTANT):

    1. You must have a clear microphone.

    2. You MUST be committed. I have experienced problems with deadlines in the past both being a director and voice actor (as a voice actor, I understand if you need more time). If asked, I hand out extensions kindly, but if you do not contact me at all I will definitely replace you, no questions asked. My rule is as stands: if you do not contact me within three days after a deadline and you have not turned in your lines, you will no longer have a role. This means you have (almost always) two weeks + 3 days to contact me, therefore it should not be an issue.

    3. Don’t throw a fit if you don’t get a role. It’s okay to be upset, but we do not need anyone whining on the cast list (this has happened before to me).

    4. Please have emotion! Monotone robot voices aren’t fun, and I’m pretty sure there are none in this series (unless Faith has yet to tell me otherwise xD).

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold