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About [CLOSED] Misμtikku-P - Anime/VOCALOID Cover Group

Hello! My name is Soru, and welcome to the Misμtikku-P casting call page!!
Basically, this is a new group that I'm putting together with the goal of doing English and Japanese covers of various songs from anime and VOCALOID. I love singing, and I love working with people, so I decided to combine the two things I love and create this: the
Misμtikku-P group!

Here is how the group works: After you join, we (co-manager Zaru and I) have compiled a large list of songs that we would like the group to cover. And of course, if you have any suggestions on songs from anime and VOCALOID that you would like us to cover, just tell us; and we'll add them to the list. The group would then vote on what song to cover.

After we finish a cover, it will be uploaded on our YouTube channel ( We will also be sharing it on our Twitter page (

I will be singing in the group, as well as doing the vast majority of the mixing/mastering, while Zaru will be doing scripts and video editing. I'll explain that a bit more in detail below.

**Your Skill Level Does Not Matter!!**

We are not looking for professional singers (though they are most certainly welcome!). We want this group to be a group where we can have tons of fun singing some of our favorite songs together. Now, there are some requirements to auditioning for the group; since we do want any song that we cover to sound good, but they are pretty basic rules, and easy to follow.

Also, WE DO NOT HAVE A MAXIMUM MEMBER LIMIT! Many groups like this will only accept a certain number of members, but we want our group to be as diverse as possible; so as of now, we have no limit on how many people can join. Now, depending on which song we cover, we may only have a certain number of people work on one song; while others work on a different song, but the overall group does not have a member limit. So feel free to audition!

And of course, if you have any other skills (i.e. art, mixing, video editing, animating, etc), just shoot me a private message!



1. Please have at least a decent quality microphone. The more professional the equipment is, the better; though if you have something like a Blue Snowball, that is acceptable; but if possible, please don't use a headset / desktop mic.

2. Have a Discord account. I will be making a Discord channel for us all to hang out in, where we can get to know each other, hang out, vote on songs, and so on. If you don't have Discord, it is fast, free, and easy to make an account. Just go to and follow the instructions.

3. Deliver your parts in on time. This is a very important one!! If you need more time (like if you have school, get sick, etc), just tell us so that we know ahead of time. I've seen many projects (whether they're mine or someone else's) that have fallen apart due to people not delivering parts on time, and not saying anything; so please let us know ahead of time if you're going on hiatus or need more time. We would usually like to have our parts in within 3 weeks of sending out the script/off-vocal to everyone, but like I said; if you need more time, just let me know.

4. Be respectful to everyone! I want this to be a friendly community, so please don't bring in your hate and stuff here. If you have a problem with someone, then deal with it privately (and as politely as possible). Friendships last longer when you don't go around trying to kill each other over a disagreement.

5. If you are accepted into the group, please pick a character as an avatar to be featured in the videos. (Think of the Nico Nico Chorus's or the various Chorus Battles, as an example). They can either be a character from an anime or VOCALOID, or an original character that you have art for.

6. Have fun!! This is a group dedicated to having fun!

Anyway, that is all I have to say. If you have any questions, please just comment them, and I'll answer them ASAP. Good luck, and have fun everybody!! ^_^

"Legends never die. They reincarnate into the stars to help the world achieve greatness." ~ Misμtikku-P motto

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold