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Dawn Melody's Previously Completed Works

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    About ONLY NOTHING | Original Model Horse Series Casting Call {RESULTS POSTED}

    Only Nothing


    Produced by: Ice_WonderProductions

    Directed by: DawnMelody

    Filmed by: DawnMelody

    Editing by: Ice_WonderProductions

    Costumes and sets: DawnMelody

    Effects: Ice_Wonderproductions

    Casting: DawnMelody and Ice_WonderProductions

    Script: DawnMelody and Ice_WonderProductions



    Kreisten, a powerful empire, has been taking over small territories like Geirrejea for centuries. In order to start their demise, the Kree king, Garith Raye, hires a group of rogue assassins to locate and kill Stayor Helceth, the current king of Geirrejea. No witnesses, no traces. 

    When the king is murdered, his eldest son, Darian, must rise to take his place. Inexperienced and unsure of himself, Darian begrudgingly takes the role, unaware of his brother’s envy and hatred.

    Little did the assassins know, there was a witness who saw, and now knows, who assassinated the king. In a desperate attempt to get away, Anzayla Harith knows that the assassins will be after her. She flees the country into the crumbling Neiaru. Her brother has been in Kreisten for two years, he comes to Geirrejea to visit her, he doesn't get why she fled the country and is angry at her for leaving, he is believed to be somewhat deranged.

    In Kreisten, Raleign Game and Serena Doherty are attenders of a large school there. Serena is unaware of Raleign being related to Darian and Tygan in Geirrejea, so Serena starts making their future together in Kreisten. Raleign however has different plans. She knows that if anyone knows that she is related to the royal family in Geirrejea, and that she is a spy, she will be killed. So she leaves, but later gets captured by lone old horses being told she will be the protector of them and their forest. Serena sets out to save her with the help of Blake Mysten.

    Meanwhile in Kreisten, Amira Kloth is trying her best to join the Kree army. There has never been a mare among their ranks before, and most of the stallions think she will only get them killed. Mira thinks differently though, and is determined to carve her own path, one that will someday bring her face-to-face with the Kreisten King.

    Lenala Raye, Garith Raye’s daughter, is a blind, shy filly. The only hope of her having a good future, is to leave Kreisten. Her maid Rosa Farlett is determined to get her out of Kreisten, even if it means risking both of their lives.

    {The above passages contains information from the first three episodes of Only Nothing}

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