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Mambi's Previously Completed Works

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    About One Pure Soul( Visual Novel) | Voice actors & Programmer casting call

    Note: Some things may change in the story but the plot will remain the same. (More Character lines will show up as the game progresses.)


    The story of 'One Pure Soul' is set in a fantasy era, it is a mixture of the medieval times and the eighteen hundereds. This era does not have electronics, motor vehicles, and factories but they do have electricity.

    The story takes place in a country called Cotrame. The country of Cotrame is made up of five ruling cities making this country and democracy, there is no king or queen but each city does have a governor keeping the city running. Each city is run by a governor and a church, the governor being a symbol of power or leadership for the city and the church being the symbol of peace.

    Each church is run by Nuns and one High Priest or Priestess. In these churches, they don't worship one God but many, mostly the Gods of the four elements, fire, water, earth, and air, but many beliefs range throughout the country. The church does not only focus on worshipping a deity but the church also plays a major role in the running of the city.

    The churches major role is taking in people whose souls have been corrupted by sin and save them. In this world, sin is like a sickness or disease, if it is not cured it can spread and kill. Mostly the church tries to save a soul before sin gets a chance to corrupt it, that's where the nuns come in. Nuns of the church focus on saving pure souls for that is all they have the power to do, nuns go through extensive training, mostly starting from the time they are six, to save souls. However, Nuns cannot save souls that have already been corrupted, only a High Priests/Priestesses can do that.

    High Priests/Priestesses are blessed with the ability to save 'the souls of the damned' or corrupted souls. No one knows where the ability came from, but people say that it is a gift from the Gods.  The one sign that a person is destined to be a High Priest/Priestess is by the color of their eyes, their eyes will usually be a bright green/blue color, the telltale sign in the eyes is if you look closely into them you can see mist, not covering their eyes but in their eyes, legends say that the mist in their eyes are souls that can be seen by said Priest/Priestess.

    When a Priest/Priestess saves a corrupted soul it takes a portion of the Priest's/Priestess' life, its a small portion per person but after a while saving souls eventually kills the Priest/Priestess. Inevitably, they only live up to forty years, all depending on the state of the people in the city.

    In this world a person's soul is the most important thing, what happens to a person's soul after they die can affect the entire world. When a person dies their soul is in a way recycled, but not reborn. When a soul is set free from its earthly shell it returns to the earth. If the soul is pure and untampered with sin it will give back to the earth creating more plants, water, and overall good weather. When a soul that is not saved is released back to the world it turns into natural disasters, plagues and tragdeies.  

    ---About the Main Story----

    In the story of 'One Pure Soul', the player will take control of the main character Leon, a middle-class twenty-year-old still living with his family that continuously takes advantage of his kindness in trying to keep them financially stable. In the beginning of the game, Leon becomes engaged to a rich heiress by the name of Mila. The engagement was arranged by the two families, Leon goes along with it so his family does not have to struggle with money anymore. However, there is a catch. Leon requests at least three months to explore the country before being 'tied down' the rest of his life.

    The player will then follow Leon on his adventure which is quickly taken off track by the appearance of Raine, the female lead. When Leon finds out that Raine is the High Priestess of the city Lafaris he dedicates his time to getting her back to where she belongs before sin corrupts the city.

    Along they way people from Leon's and Raine's life start to appear such as Mila, Leon's fiance, and Akil, Raine's childhood friend. They join them on their mission to getting Raine back home. The trip will appear to go smoothly until the team meet a few unwelcomed guests. Tetra, a mysterious girl with an odd fascination with Raine and Dominick, the son of the Governor from a neighboring city planning to declare war against the other cities for power.

    The game will consist of variating choice making for Leon, affecting his relationship with each character, at the end of each chapter the player will have a special moment with the character that they pursued and in the end of the story Leon will end up either alone, or with the love of his life.

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