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    About On the Road (Supernatural Genderswapped)- Pilot Episode Auditons

    Hello, and welcome to the offical casting call for the pilot episode of 'On the Road', a Supernatural Genderswapped adventure! Our audition for the more main roles of the project came through with great results, and now we are excited to announce that our Pilot episode is in production! But we are still lacking many important voice actors and actresses, that will hopefully all be cast below. Some of them are more major for the episode, whilst a few only have one or two lines. If you haven't seen the episode or need a refresher, here's a quick (Genderswapped!) summary!


    In Lawrence, Kansas, Mary Winchester (Amara Chute) investigates a sound coming from her infant daughter Samantha's nursery. She sees a figure standing over her crib, and confronts him. Her husband, John (Samuel Parish), is awoken by her screams and finds her pinned to the ceiling with a slash across her stomach. She bursts into flames, and John is forced to evacuate the house with Samantha and his older daughter, Deanna, while the house erupts into flames.

    Twenty-two years later, Samantha (Ashlee Todd), her friend Lois (uncast) and his boyfriend Jackson Moore (uncast) celebrate her high LSAT score. Later that night, Deanna (Ashleigh Aishwarya) shows up at Samantha's home. Though the sisters have not spoken in years, Deanna comes looking for help in finding their father, who disappeared while hunting a supernatural entity. After Samantha hears a voicemail from her father that contains electronic voice phenomenon of a woman saying, "I can never go home," she agrees to help Deanna in the search, as long as she's back by Monday for an importaint interview. The sisters head to John's last known whereabouts—the town of Jericho—where he had been investigating the disappearances of young men along a single stretch of road over ten years. Samantha and Deanna discover a local legend of a murdered girl who has returned as a homicidal, hitchhiking ghost. Research points to Constance Welch (Uncast), who jumped to her death off a nearby bridge after drowning her children. While they stakeout the bridge that night, Samantha tells Deanna she does not want to return to hunting supernatural creatures. She points out that finding whatever creature killed their mother—a task their father has dedicated his life to—will not bring her back. The two are interrupted by a ghostly woman jumping off the bridge. Samantha and Deanna later check into a local motel, and discover their father is also renting a room there. They break into it and discover his research scattered all over the room; all his findings point to Constance being a woman in white.

    When Deanna leaves the room to get food, she is arrested by the police, who believe she is connected to the disappearances. At the police station, they show her John's journal, and he notices the message "Dean 35-11" written inside it. As Deanna is interrogated, Samantha tracks down Constance's husband (uncast), and learns the locations of both her grave site and the house in which she drowned their children. Samantha then fakes a 911 call so Deanna can escape the station. However, Constance targets Samantha in her car, although it breaks the pattern of only men. Constance attempts to seduce her and requests she take her home. Samantha refuses, but she possesses the car so that it drives Samantha to her home. Constance attacks her once they arrive at her old house. Deanna forces her to temporarily dissipate by shooting her with rock salt, and Samantha uses the opportunity to crash the car into the house. Constance reappears and attacks them, but the spirits of her children confront her. They embrace their mother, causing her to scream in pain as demonic like beings spawn from under her, dragging her down through the floor.

    Deanna deduces John's message was coordinates to where he has headed. Samantha still does not want to join the search, so Deanna drops her off at her apartment. Lying alone in bed, Samantha discovers Jackson pinned to the ceiling with a slash across his stomach. He ignites into flames as Deanna breaks in and rescues Samantha. While firefighters attempt to put out the inferno, Samantha decides to join her sister in the search for their father and the creature that killed their mother and Jackson.


    Episode one will hopefully be released on November 2nd.

    About the Creator: girlinaponyworld

    Hi, I'm Alaina, or Ina as my friends call me. I'm a very eager voice actress with plenty of time to work on my voice acting, or record. I'm a student at Lakeville North High School in Minnesota, and hope to go to collage for Theater in a few years. I love acting, and although it's been hard to land an on screen role quite yet, voice acting is just as fun. 

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