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Frgraves's Previously Completed Works

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About Old Warriors Roleplay Stories - Youtube - Voice Actors Needed

BACKGROUND INFO: please skim before auditioning!

It all started in 2013. At eleven years old, a spritely young Gravy, newly awakened into the world of feral battle cats, created a proboards account on a website titled Grass Beneath My Paws. GBMP was a loosely organized, booming roleplay forum for fans of the Warriors books. Under the username Flash, a world opened up to young Gravy (even though they remained two years under the minimum member age for the site, but whatever, what the admins didn't know wouldn't kill them) full of adventures and character creation, OOC and IC relationships aplenty. It is from these adventures that I bring to you, six years later, a series dedicated to telling the lost stories of an old forum.

This should be the part where I introduce the series' name in a dramatic way, but I don't actually have one yet so I'm going to take a raincheck on that-


I intend to illustrate and voice over threads sequentially to retell some of the stories my group and I concocted in the Warriors universe, from oldest to newest, 2013 to 2018. These threads will come from two forum websites: GBMP, which is inaccessible to guests, and Credence, the reboot. I asked for permission to share these threads on the old roleplay discord, to which everyone agreed.

I'm not entirely set on a video format, but I definitely need a few assisting roles in the series' creation if you're interested.


- I plan on illustrating the series myself, but help with coloring, lining, cat anatomy, and scene construction would be nice ^^ These will be referred to under the Art Assistants role below.

- I can't voice every single character, so Voice Actors will also be very appreciated. The next section describes the characters in vague detail for skimming purposes.

- Instead of reading directly from the posts, I may decide to paraphrase the narrative for comedic or dramatic purposes. For this, I'd like to request Script Assistants to interpret the threads with me.

- In some cases, a flat image might not express a scene in a manner that does justice to the narrative. For these cases, I'd like help with basic animations if possible. This role is titled Animation Assistants below.


To begin, I'd like to tell the stories of Mothfire (1 and 2) and Wrenfeather. These narratives do not intersect in any way, but I love both (?) of these characters with my whole heart and I want to share this undying love with the world. More in-depth information on these cats will be under their respective audition cards.

~~~~~STORY 1~~~~~~

WRENFEATHER (GBMP) - Self conscious. A brown tabby she-cat with green eyes. Can't speak English. Needs to calm down.

JUMPFLIGHT - The Most Chill. A big greyish kinda dappled tabby floofball with hazel eyes. Skinny but you can't really tell. Massive hugging material.

GINGERSNAP - CaLm DoWN pLeAsE. A ginger she-cat with yellowy green eyes. Very excitable. Exclamation points.

REEDTAIL - Flirty but tragic. A grey Somali tom with light brown eyes. Nice Guy tm. Alexa play Despacito.

Misc. Characters - Will include as I find them

~~~~~STORY 2~~~~~~

MOTHFIRE #1 (GBMP) - #deep. A snarky black tom with bright blue eyes. Really needs to stop trying to be a ShadowClan cat.

BUNNYFUR - Mothy #1's only friend. A tuxedo girl with blue eyes. Kind of dumb but in a cute way. Wanderlusting.

Misc. Characters - Will include as I find them

~~~~~STORY 3~~~~~~

MOTHFIRE #2 (Credence) - Bisexual legend. Black tom with blue eyes. Lies for fun. #1, but smarter.

DARKWOODS - Very disturbed. Tiny tortoiseshell she-cat with golden eyes. Kind of evil, but aww.

Misc. Characters - Dragonflywing; Fogstar; Cloudeater; Cosmosblossom; Egrethowl; Lavenderrain; Legendstar; Badgerpaw; Darkwoods' kits (6); Screechstar; Will include as I find them


Discord: https://discord.gg/kfQrzd

Contact Info and Plugs: teflashwrites /@gmail.com (email); @stickytackstains (Instagram); Eli Graves (YouTube); @stickytackstains (a crappy tiktok)

About the Creator: frgraves

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold