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Sailor Moon's Previously Completed Works

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    About Oh My Venus | Sims Machinima Movie

    This here is a sims movie based on the drama Oh My Venus. Not all things will be the same, such as character names because of pronounciation. 

    Once considered the most beautiful girl in town, Jo is now a hard working, overweight woman struggling to support her family. Alec aka John Kim is a personal trainer to celebrities. He comes from a wealthy background, but suffered a devastating illness during his childhood. So he believes living a healthy lifestyle and exercise is the only way to survive.On the way back from a business trip, Jo passes out and John Kim is the only medical personnel on the flight and helps her. Even after they arrive home he is always there to save her when things are going wrong. After she is dumped by her boyfriend of 15 years she discovers she has something personal of John Kim's and she decides to use it to blackmail him into helping her to lose weight.

    I will post the lines at the end of here instead of character roles, so if you audition you can say your preferred role, if not you will just be taken into consideration for whichever role. And yes this is a PAID role, because I want really good VA's. 
    There are 4 main characters, 3 minor characters, and tons of extras. 
    Major characters will be paid $20 USD.

    Minor characters will be paid $10 USD. 
    Extras will be paid $5 USD (if you are picked as an extra you will probably play up to two extras)

    Since this is a project for SIFF, it won't be released till September, and payment will happen when it's completed(release date and completion are two different things here) incase I need extra lines or re-wrote something and you just so happened to want to back out. 

    Now for lines, here are some basic lines, but if you want to email me an audition reel or some of your work instead, I would prefer that honestly because these lines suck. You can email to [redacted]. Eventually this will be updated with a google doc link with ALL the characters. There are 3 MINORS not posted here. 

    For Males :

    I might be too full of sexiness tonight. 

    We'll conclude our cozy and erotic night some other time. 

     I know I seem like a cold city guy, but I'm nicer than I seem. I can't leave someone in need.

    For Females :

    Even in this situation, do I look pretty to you?
     Sincerity moves the heavens, and where there's a will there's a way!
     Ugh... I have to wake up..

    Character names and appearances are subject to change. 

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold