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About {official Aime} Help Needed!

Hello Everyone! My name Is Clover, And first off, thanks for clicking on this casting call. READ ON IF YOU WANT TO JOIN

Requirements (Voice Actors)
-A professional Microphone that will have little to no Background noise (using Audacity or any other voice editing softwares to reduce background noise is needed)
-Discord, we will be talking there all the time. About Announcements, Lines in, etc.)
-Please be 10~16 I Want to be working with people mature enough to do this with me. I am putting an age limit to 16 because of safety reasons for all of our team members. 
-Mature Attitude, I don't want any drama going in our discord, so please keep it as chill as possible.
-You should be responsible for giving in LINES back by 2 days. If you are going away for a while, we'll need to know beforehand.

Requirements (animators, artists) 
-You will be needed to send in the animated video, depending on how long the episode/script is. Usually, I'll give you about a month for a episode.
-Discord, that'll be where we'll be talking about this subject.
-11+ Again, I want my project to be a PROFESSIONAL one. I want all of you applying for the Animators and Artists section to be skilled in this section.
-I want people who will not LEAVE, this applies especially for the animators. You are required to stay until the end. 
-If you are going away for a while, please inform me beforehand. 

What Is This Casting Call For?
-This is a series called "Ukiyo" meaning 'the floating island'
Its about a girl who, in her farthest memories, have lived on this island, another dimension. not Earth, not the Universe. 
One Peaceful day, a corruption between dimensions happens, and she is sucked through another dimension. Earth.
She tries desperately to go back, where she came from. She wasn't quite used to this place, and the gravity and such made her uncomfortable. 
Its when she meets her soulmate, Right when she is able to go back. If she misses this turn, she'll never go back.
Whats her Decision?

-This will go on Youtube, and probably Webtoon. (I'm not sure XD)

How Long will this be?
-This will probably depend between the writers and I, this means the Animators have to stay with us for until the series ends.

Is it multiple episodes/chapters/books/etc.
-This will be posted on youtube with about a frame of 25 episodes. (Might be changed, depending on the writers team)

How long Is the Intended Final Product?
-I plan ONE episode to be about 15~30 minutes.
-The whole series will take more than a year, since the animators get so much time.

-Animators: 2 months (can give earlier) Deadline: 2 weeks after 2 months.
-Voice Actors: Before animators turn in their video, before 2 months.
-Artists: Before Animators turn In Video, Before 2 months.

-First, The writers will have a 2 week time period to write Scripts for ONE episode. 
-Two, After the writers are done, the Animator will be handed out the script and turning it into a animation, Whileas, I will post a ANNOUNCEMENT in discord, sending you the script (DO NOT SHARE) You will be handed in the Lines and you will have to send it to me before The Animators are done.
-The Video is edited with all the voice actors by the editors.
-I will call a bunch of people in to look at the animation before it gets uploaded, and get their opinion on how we can improve, and set the opinions on the next episode. 
-The video is posted.
-The Cycle is resetted.

Feel free to ask me questions 

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold